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Stan Lee. 1922-2018. Legend.

Stan Lee, co-creator of the Marvel Universe as we have come to know it, is dead. He died at the age of 95.

Stan Lee became an icon, initially known for his work in creating renowned comic book characters like Spider Man, Daredevil and the Fantastic Four, among other Marvel characters that have now become staples in pop culture on both the large and small screens. This dude has been writing scripts for comic books since he was 19! That was all the way back in 1941. He deserves all those movie cameos, doesn’t he….

While Jack Kirby, his partner was responsible for the visuals of the characters we have grown to love, Stan was responsible for the storylines. He was the man responsible for giving life and personality, and he did this in such a unique way: his way of storytelling made the characters relatable, even human. They had rent to pay, illnesses to be healed from, relationship issues, financial troubles, and even questionable moral behavior. We could associate with what they felt. They weren’t invincible, without any flaws, but we grew to love them. Maybe except Green Lantern. The movie really messed up his career.

Stan Lee was not just an icon and legend; he gave depth to our childhood, and and engagement to us even in adulthood. Movies made by characters he created have made over $15 billion dollars at the box office, and for a lot of actors in Hollywood, appearing in a Marvel movie will be the pinnacle of their careers.

I don’t know or care if any of his movies earned any Oscars, Emmy or Golden Glove awards, but this man made an impact. It just goes to remind us that in any field or sphere we find ourselves, even one as seemingly mundane as entertainment with which Stan Lee made his name, we should persevere, deliver quality content and leave a lasting impact.

The legend of Stan Lee will live long after him. Also, we should probably be prepared for a few CGI Stan Lee cameos in upcoming Marvel movies.

Rest in peace, sir.


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