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The Naija Nerds Podcast

On the Naija Nerds podcast, Nigerian-born nerds Wale, OlaWale, Dapo and Nuru share their takes on the latest nerd and geek popular entertainment topics with a revolving cast of worthy guests.

218 – Comic Republic Pt 2: African Culture and Creativity The Naija Nerds

It's time for part two of our conversations with Jide Martin (CEO) and Wale Awelenje (Head of Writing) of COMIC Republic. This time we discuss African influences on their work and how they honor the traditions and stories that came before us. You can find their work for free at https://www.TheComicRepublic.comAbout the African Comics and Fantasy Explored series:Storytelling is a time honored African tradition. So join the Naija Nerds as they embark on a quest to meet the creators using sequential art to tell stories steeped in African History and Fantasy. Learn about their inspiration, their journey and the awesome stories they are telling about Africa to the world.FOLLOW US:Facebook: https://www.naijanerds.comWATCH THE DRAGON CON PANEL:
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  4. 216 – The Boys Spoilercast, Invincible, EmmysSoDiverse

The Nerds From Work

This crazy group of nerdy friends liked to get together to talk about all things nerd. Superheroes, Anime, Comics, Movies, Books, D&D, Video Games…etc. You name it, they’d discuss it while knocking back a drink or two!

Featuring Jason, Brandon and our own Nuru as co-hosts.

The Nerds From Work Ep. 4.09 The Finally TNFW

This week on The Nerds From Work we're Live!! This is our sendoff show for our regular uploads. Love you guys! Check out our website! Twitch: Find us on Patreon: Find us on Twitter: Find us on Facebook: Find us on Instagram: Talk with our hosts! Jason – Tank – Nuru – Brandon – Questions: Music:
  1. The Nerds From Work Ep. 4.09 The Finally
  2. Dungeons & Daydrinkers Chapter 2 Part 4 – But what about his leg?!

Gamertech Gist

Two guys talk games, game tech & interview Africans in the gaming industry. Coming soon!

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