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The Naija Nerds Podcast

On the Naija Nerds podcast Wale, OlaWale, Dapo and Nuru share their takes on the latest nerd and geek popular entertainment topics with a revolving cast of worthy guests.

Naijas Geeking Out

From the big two of Marvel and DC all the way to the Independents and many other International Comic publishing houses, a bunch of Naija peeps get together to have a laugh as they review and recommend great comic books.

The Nerds From Work

This crazy group of nerdy friends liked to get together to talk about all things nerd. Superheroes, Anime, Comics, Movies, Books, D&D, Video Games…etc. You name it, they’d discuss it while knocking back a drink or two!

Featuring Jason, Brandon and our own Nuru as co-hosts.

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