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HBO Max Developing Harry Potter TV Series

HBO Max is in talks with potential writers to bring the beloved children’s book series Harry Potter to the streaming service in a new live-action adaptation.

According to a report by THR’s Boris Kit, their sources are cited as stating that broad ideas have been discussed as part of the early-stage exploratory meetings. The show is apparently moving ahead although no actors, director, or writers have been attached and no plot details have been revealed.

Following the conclusion of the main series, Warner Bros announced plans for five spin-off films in the Fantastic Beasts series. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Crimes of Grindelwald have already been released and a third is currently in production.

This project went through some upheaval recently as Mads Mikkelsen replaced Johnny Depp as the main villain, Gellert Grindelwald as a result of the fallout from Depp’s court cases and publicity over his acrimonious divorce from Amber Heard.

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe previously told IGN that he expects to see the stories receive a full movie or TV reboot one day. It will be interesting to see how long those films stay… it feels like there’s a sacredness around them at the moment, but that’ll go, the shine will wear off at some point,” he explained. It’ll be interesting if they reboot them and just do the films again or do a series; I’m fascinated to watch.

There are multiple avenues for a new Harry Potter story to head down with more recent additions to the series such as the Fantastic Beasts series and a Broadway titled Harry Potter and The Cursed Child pushing away from the original books’ time period.

The eight original Harry Potter movies made more than $7 billion at the global box office and the franchise remains a juggernaut. So it’s no surprise that Warner Bros is exploring the idea of further spin-offs.

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