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Robert Kirkman’s Amazon Series ‘Invincible’ To Premiere On March 26

Invincible creator Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s adult animated series Invincible will premiere on Friday, March 26 on Amazon with hour-long episodes.

The upcoming series is guaranteed to have global reach as it will air exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.

According to the official Invincible handle on Twitter, the first three episodes of season one will premiere March 26, with new episodes available each Friday afterwards, culminating in the season finale on April 30.

The show features Steven Yuen as Mark Grayson (Invincible) and J.K. Simmons as Nolan Grayson (Omni-Man). They are supported by an all-star cast including Sandra Oh (Killing Eve), Seth Rogen (This is the End), Gillian Jacobs (Community), Andrew Rannells (Black Monday, Girls), Zazie Beetz (Deadpool 2) and Mark Hamill (The Guyver)

Also cast are Walton Goggins (Justified), Jason Mantzoukas (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Mae Whitman (Good Girls), Chris Diamantopoulos (Silicon Valley), Melise (The Flash), Kevin Michael Richardson (The Simpsons), Grey Griffin (Avengers Assemble), and Max Burkholder (Imaginary Order).

The series follows Mark Grayson, a 17-year-old whose typical teenage life is upended when he develops powers of his own, including flight, super-strength and more. But as he’s coming into his own identity as a superhero, he also begins to unravel his father’s complicated legacy.

Invincible, which was first announced over two years ago, is based on the Skybound/Image comic of the same name created by Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley. The Invincible comic, which ran for 15 years, marks Kirkman’s second-longest comic since The Walking Dead.

Robert Kirkman has already confirmed some changes will be made and that certain parts of the original story will be further explored on screen. Given the love for Invincible that already exists and Kirkman’s television track record, the show could be the breakout show of April.

An extended clip from the series also was unveiled during the livestream event to mark the anniversary of the launch of Invincible #1. Watch the clip below.

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