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Resident Evil Village Gets An Official Release Date For Consoles and PC

Watch: Resident Evil Village gameplay and trailer coming in Thursday  showcase - CNET

Resident Evil Village, the eighth mainline entry in Capcom’s survival horror series, will launch on May 7, 2021. The release date was revealed during the Resident Evil Showcase digital event, where it was also confirmed that the game will be available for PS4 and Xbox One, alongside the previously announced PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC versions.

The game was first announced during a PS5 reveal event in 2020 and it comes at a time when the Resident Evil series is at a high point creatively.

The upcoming game’s showcase began with a horrifying trailer that sets the mood for the game. And while its predecessor was more realistic and offered a more grounded setting, Resident Evil: Village takes players back to the Gothic style of survival horror that the franchise has explored in the past.

And as the name indicates, players will get to explore a sprawling village where they’ll solve mysteries, battle against hordes of zombies and strive for survival.

The trailer shows a new and never before seen location that gives a good look at the disturbing castle where Village takes place, along with glimpse at pure gameplay. Like the last Resident Evil, the new title is a first-person survival horror experience.

Other than the revealed date of release, much of the game’s story remains a mystery. However, Village will be a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, featuring that game’s protagonist, Ethan Winters.

Capcom also announced that Resident Evil: Village will get two premium editions: a digital deluxe edition with additional content, and a physical collector’s edition. The digital deluxe edition will include what Capcom is calling the Trauma Pack, which includes Resident Evil 7 biohazard-inspired cosmetic items.

The Resident Evil video game series is one of the most successful ever. And fans are already psyched to finally get an official release date for its latest horror story in the terrifying Resident Evil universe.

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