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2020: The De-cinema-tion

Run Marvel Run!

This year and movies: what a sh*t show.
Well Marvel have just announced that they are pushing further out their planned movies
The new slate looks like this now:
Black Widow is now May 2021
Shang Chi is in July 2021
and Eternals in November 2021
This means 2020 will not have one Marvel film at all, the first time in like forever! The Year of Corona and now the year of the MCU draught.

This also means that there will have been almost a 2 year gap between the last MCU film Spider-Man: Far from Home and Black Widow.

To further illustrate how bad this year is, I actually managed to go to the cinema only four times this year BUT every single time I left disappointed, what a record! Another terrible thing to associate this year with.

Lets look at the sad pickings this year managed to served up for me as far as movies in the cinema is concerned.

Before Lockdown:

Birds of Prey – Absolute tosh, This film is like eating junk food but not even tasty junk food. Not tasty at all, empty calories and bright packaging.
DC are going back to the bad days of Suicide Squad with this film.
Quinn herself was not the issue with this film but I found her story arc almost meaningless and I had no real reason to root for her. The Birds of Prey from the title were barely in it and that is not even looking at the fact that some of these characters were so lame and not worthy of bearing the names from the comic, Cassandra I am looking at you, such a wasted opportunity.
No one was emancipated at the end of this film I dare say

Bloodsport – This was also such a lacklustre affair and what was t be a trend was the fact that I had such high hopes for this film, I mean it was going to be the latest new superhero shared universe but it turned out to be meh at best. The film did not do much with originality of ideas at all and seemed a throwback to the 90’s. At one point I could thought I was in a Fast and Furious film in one scene with Vin in his white shirt and driving a fast car! In 2020 there is no excuse for such lack of imagination.
I have heard that this was not likely going to be part of the Valiant shared universe anyway as the property of Bloodsport is in a similar situation to Spider-Man and Sony.
So maybe Valiant can still pull off a great shared universe and we can pretend this never happened.

After Lockdown:

New Mutants – I should not have been disappointed by this but the last trailer got my hopes up. The film moved away from being a typical Superhero movie and tried to embrace the horror vibes of the original Demon Bear storyline from the comics but it ended up being neither a good horror film or a good superhero one. smh
Having watched this I am not surprised about the delays and constant talks of reshooting that plagued it. The actors were all fine and for me this is purely a script/direction issue there were a few plot holes or rather script contrivances that kind of irked me. The story just was not very compelling or even that scary ti be honest. I would love to see the actress who played Magik reprise the role again.
Now I am going complain about something that I normally avoid but this one was for me very unforgivable. Sunspot in the comics is a black Brazilian but was white washed in this film, why is this worse than other white/black washing ? Because there was no other black character in the film at all!
So they took the one black New Mutant and what would have been the only black character in the whole film and made him white!
Why?!! Thank god we at least had Dani Moonster and she was not washed one way or the other.

Tenet – Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you all: Chris Nolan and his Emperor’s clothes! What a sad load of hogwash this film was, my biggest disappointment of them all this year.

I was so pumped for this film being a big fan of Chris Nolan and also of JD Washington from Ballers, add to this the fact that my best movie ever is Memento by the same Director you can understand why expectations were so high!
Why was it bad? I am not even going to talk abut the bad audio and loud music making it hard to hear the cast spewing loads of exposition of which there was a lot!

The film is similar to Memento in many ways except in one key area and this is the major issue I had with it : The film is NOT clever it simply makes no sense at all!
The core concept off the film unlike Memento was poorly executed and barely had any internal logic throughout its long running time. The film at one point tries to tell you to not think about it but yet keeps trying to explain and fails badly. I have watched this film twice now and it was worse fir me on the second viewing as more flaws in the logic presented itself to me much earlier.

With this announcement by Marvel to move Black Widow into 2021, I think DC should take a leaf out of their book and also move Wonder Woman 84 out of the way as well.

Tenets box office take was not encouraging to any studios and is a clear sign that people are not ready to return to the cinemas en masse and with most of Europe bracing for a second wave of the Corona virus it will not improve anytime soon.
Will Christmas make people go out in full force? I doubt it.

The year is well and truly jinxed and it is for the best that the MCU just gets out of the way of this annus horribilis.

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