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Star Trek: Discovers Naija

The Naija Nerds talk Africans in front and behind the camera in Hollywood

As Naija Nerds it would be remiss of us not to talk about how Nigerians are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Federation.

On Star Trek Day, we got some more stills of David Ajala as new character David “Book” Booker who will be coming onboard Star Trek: Discovery in season 3 as a possible love interest for First Officer Michael Burnham.

Ajala has had a turn on another franchise I watch, he was on Supergirl as the villain Manchester Black where he brought great charisma to the role and I wanted to see more of him!

It seems I have got my wish! He has now stepped up to the big leagues, yes I said stepped up! Check out his interview with CBS All Access below: 

Smart, capable and guided by a strong sense of purpose that gets him into and out of trouble, Ajala’s Book possesses a natural natural charisma that should see him become a fan favorite.

Ajala will be joining fellow Nigerian Oyin Oladejo who plays the role of Operations officer Joann Owosekun (as well as her mirror universe counterpart). Oyin is not only from “Naija” but is also from my hometown of Ibadan. (IB represent!)

So as an avid Trekkie, my excitement for the new season has now gone up a notch as I’ll be seeing more of my fellow Nigerians. Big win for African representation!

This will be a new frontier indeed for Star Trek as a whole as we are about to explore the very far future of Star Trek. This season establishes the show as being set the furthest in the future of any of the previous Trek shows – including Star Trek: Picard.

At the end of last season, the crew had been flung 930 years into the future. This places the year as about 3185, easily 700 years past anything we have seen before, and from what we have seen it seems the Federation did not make it!

The seeds of the decay of the Federation can be seen in the Picard series where they had clearly lost their way.

Will Michael Burnham be the seed for a new Federation? What will Booker’s role be in all this? Will they speak Yoruba on the Bridge? Will we ever see Q again?

Enjoy the season 3 trailer below and keep Trekking folks.





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