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Agents of Shield – End of an Era

This is kind of a landmark moment for any fan of Marvel’s live action TV shows.
When the MCU started with Iron Man we never thought it would grow into the juggernaut it is today, onne of the outcomes of this unprecedented popularity was a host of spin off TV shows all spawned from the MCU, the first of these was Agents of Shield. The granddaddy if you will of these new Marvel TV shows.
It is fitting then that this show will also end the era of non-Disney + hosted Marvel TV shows, a fitting bookend.

All the MCU connected shows have now ended and this is the last one before we start to get the new Disney +shows.
I have decided to do a mini-review of all the seasons of this landmark TV show.

Season One: This is the most controversial season of the show and in my mind is the reason it did not have a bigger following in the long run that it ended up really deserving. The first half of this season was mediocre at best and quite bad in many episodes. It lost a lot of its initial viewers at this point and most never came back.

Season Two: This season carries on from where the first left off and generally maintains the quality for most part but I believe towards the end it starts to slip a bit with the introduction of the Inhumans storyline which I never felt was quite as strong but this season also added quite a few new faces like Hunter, Mack and fan fave Lucy Lawless also joins the cast. The opening episode had Crusher Creel the Absorbing man, oh how i geeked out!
Season Rating: 7.5/10

Season Three: This is what I call the inhumans season and I really felt that this season coasted a bit while it never really became a bad show it did not shine like the latter half of the first season or the whole of season two.
They spent a lot of time building up the inhumans as a race and big factor in this universe with an eye on making them a replacement for the mutants which at this point still belonged to Fox. Well it all turned out to be a bug wasted effort in the long run.
Season Rating: 6.5/10

Season Four: This is the best season of the whole series in my opinion and it was absolutely firing on all cylinders from the very start all the way to the glorious end. The quality level of this season held though out and the way the season was structured into three connecting story arcs may have been the key ingredient. The introduction of Ghost Rider kicked off the season and it just got better and better. The Framework arc was just stellar writing, anyone who is a fan of AI gaining sentience Sci-Fi stories will love this season. I can’t praise this season enough. oh Aida I loved you!
Season Rating: 9/10

Season Five: This season started with such great promise, it was set in space and had the Kree, all elements that got me excited but alas in the long run it did not reach anywhere near the heights of the preceding seasons. The season did showcase the powers of Quake quite a bit more and she earned the name Worldbreaker, it also introduced an element that will become problematic for the show as a whole later on: Time Travel.
A time travel with rules that will later be shown to contradict what will be established in Avengers: Endgame. In the long run it turned out to be just a bang average season.
Season Rating: 6.5/10

Season Six: This season had a big problem to deal with from the very get go: Avengers: Endgame. The previous season had ended it seemed during the attack on Earth by Thanos which tied to Avengers:Infinity War but the writers of the show had no idea how the ‘snap’ would be resolved as they were not privy to the script for Endgame, so they tried to accommodate this by doing a time jump of a year for the season start unfortunately Endgame itself had a 5 year jump which meant that if AoS was truly in the same universe as the MCU films then this season was slam bang in the middle of the snap years! Beyond that this season like the one before started with a lot of promise but devolved into mediocrity.
Season Rating: 6.5/10

Season Seven: The final one!
This was a fun season and it was obvious that the use of time travel was able to give us some fun episodes echoing the various TV shows of decades from the 50’s to the 80’s. I enjoyed this romp a lot and for people of a certain age it was nostalgic in many areas. They also clearly used this season to try and reconcile with the MCU in terms of time travel and how AoS applied it in contrast to the last Avengers movie. The last two episodes were slightly bitter sweet for me as I found them to be fine episodes but not great ones as I hoped they would be to sign of the whole series. In the end AoS will always hold a fond spot in my heart and I still hope that some if the characters may show up one day in the MCU on the other shows or movies.
Season Rating: 7/10




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