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NaijaNerds go to DragonCon

Friends! True Believers! DragonCon members!

Despite our best intentions and plans (we bought tickets and prepared to fly into Atlanta since last year) the year of the Coronavirus hath laid us low. We shall not be wining and dining in soft repose in the basement of the Hilton Atlanta. I say thee, nay!

But fear not! Rather than bask in the aroma (or stench) of fandom in all its glory, this year we shall beam into your digital devices of all kinds live on the Dragon Con Virtual Stream!

Starting this year, in collaboration with the Digital Media Track of Dragon Con, we bring you an annual panel titled: “African Comics and Fantasy Explored“.

With the rise of movies like ‘Black Panther’ and the soon to be filmed ‘Children of Blood and Bone’, there is a genuine interest in African fantasy culture.

The panel will shine a light on the unknowns and upcoming African creatives working while also discussing the influences of the more established creatives in the industry – occasionally with those African creatives. For anyone who has ever wondered about the history of comic books, afrofuturism and fantasy in Africa and the African diaspora, this will be a fun recurring event.

In this panel, you may join us as we explore sequential art through it’s past and present of art in Africa through the eyes and work of comic book creators excelling in digital media today.

And we do not come empty handed. Nay! We come bearing guests!

We will be joined by the leaders of three noted creative houses – Jide Martin, CEO of Comic Republic, Paul Louise-Julie, founder of Midas Monkee and Roye Okupe, head of Youneek Studios.  As a special treat. we shall be premiering a teaser trailer for an upcoming project by Midas Monkee!

What day and time you ask? September 5th, 2020 at 3pm EST we will be live-streamed on the authorized Dragon-Con channels and our guests will take questions from our virtual audience live.

So see you there!

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