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StarGirl Season One Review

When this series was announced I treated it with much apprehension as I do not have much trust in DC TV offerings generally, HBO’s Watchmen and DC World’s Doom Patrol being the only exceptions for me.
Beyond those two which I must say are very very good most DC offerings have tended to vary from ok at best to very bad in my opinion.
So I went into this very cautiously and I now have to confess I enjoyed it immensely.

While it is not as good or as cerebral as Watchmen or as kooky as Doom Patrol it is a good show in its own right, one which is fun to watch. I am always excited to watch the next episode and that is no small feat!

Now I sound a word of caution, it has it flaws and even the first episode had a 15 minute stretch where i thought ‘oh dear, here we go again with the lazy teenager school tropes‘ but it rallied well from that misstep.
Overall the whole season I found to be pretty strong and unusually the villains were a big part of this, they were very good and not moustache twirlers as usual but with some genuine menace.
They also avoided quite a few of the standard cliches in most CW superhero shows, that is not to say there is not the occasional eye roll moment but not enough to spoil my fun.

Now I want to say that I am eagerly awaiting the next season but the news that it was moving to CW has dismayed me, CW is a graveyard for good Superhero TV shows.
I have absolutely no faith that the show will retain its quality and hence my disquiet regarding the second season.

Brec Bassinger as the wide eyed titular Stargirl superhero was quite enjoyable in the role but the show shines with a great extended cast which surround her with the likes of Luke Wilson as her stepdad and a hapless former sidekick.

As a person who read the comics in which Stargirl debuted I was satisfied with this interpretation even if it meant that we will most likely never see the best version of Starman that had one of the greatest written comic runs ever as the canon in this show seems to skip his turn as the wielder of the cosmic staff but one character the Shade from that run who is a brilliant creation has been teased to appear in the next season.

For anyone thinking about watching this show and not too sure, I would say give it at least two episodes to make up your mind, you may be surprised and oh yeah it is more of a team show than you would expect.

I give Stargirl a stellar 7 out of 10




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