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Matrix 4: What We Know

Sometimes it feels like Hollywood wants to really test the power and efficiency of nostalgia. In a lot of cases, they have bombed, and some other times, they seem to have pulled it off. Now they’re going back in to that deep well, where they’ve decided to resurrect the Matrix franchise. Fingers crossed?

So, we are getting another Matrix movie. Warner Bros announced it was diving back into that franchise with the original writer and director, Lana Wachowski, as well as starring characters, Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann-Moss, who played Neo and Trinity in the previous movies, and would reprise these roles. The storyline is currently unknown, as well as what would become of main characters played by Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) and Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith). It is supposed to go into production from early 2020. That’s the meat on the bone, really.

Growing up, the first Matrix movie, along with The Mummy, was the first big Hollywood blockbuster movie I ever watched, if you do not count Sound of Music. Since then, the franchise has grown to become iconic, culture and era-defining. Blue-red pill choices, bullet-dodging skills, being called The One, among other references have become popular in pop culture since then, and it is still hailed as one of the greatest franchises of all time. Well, kinda. But we will come back to that later.

So what have these main characters been up to since they became household names thanks to The Matrix? Keanu has stayed relevant by continuing to appear in big movies like Constantine, Lake House, 47 Ronin, and even Toy Story 4. This is not to mention the franchise where he shed his Neo – The One persona, and became John Wick instead, featuring in the clandestine, hard-hitting, all-action franchise which now has three instalments. The first one came in under the radar, impressed everybody, and then it developed a following, in the process letting us all know that dogs are sacred, especially if they belong to ex-hitmen. Just in case you needed to be told about that.

Carrie has had a much more quiet screen career, with the most notable being appearing in Marvel’s Jessica Jones series where she has had a main role in all three seasons. She has also featured in Memento and Chocolat, but has not really had the stellar character that Keanu has had. We still love her anyway.

As for Lana Wachowski, who is usually one half of the writing/director team with Lily Wachowski (previously known as the Wachowski brothers), she has also been busy since the last Matrix movie, even though some of her work has been perceived as less than spectacular with offerings like Jupiter Ascending and Cloud Atlas, the former being such a beautiful but awful movie. However, she did direct V For Vendetta, which is one of the most awesome movies I have ever watched, so she gets a pass for that. She also created and wrote the Sense 8 series. Never watched it, so let’s move on.

So, we are getting a new Matrix movie. This article is already the perfect length, so I will write another one detailing what I think the possible plot of the movie could be, as well as if this sequel is even necessary.

See you in the next one!

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