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Hobbs and Shaw movie: This movie is stupid! I loved it! 

I wrote an article about this when I saw the trailer detailing my excitement about seeing these guys in a spinoff movie of their own. I’m still smiling.

This movie is not for everyone. If you take movies, or life, too seriously, go and watch Lion King and enjoy the nostalgia and Beyoncé sound track; don’t watch this one because you’ll just be pissed throughout. Enough preamble.

This was a hard-hitting, all-out, unapologetic action movie. The hits were hardcore, it had so many funny moments as well. There were some unexpected appearances as well that were very well done. Should I add spoilers in this article? Yes.

The Rock, who is the only celebrity alive that I would like to meet, along with Jason Statham have excellent chemistry on screen. They’re referred to as a can of whoop ass and a champagne fixer respectively, or a hammer and scalpel, but both of this men hit hard. Two men who have a well-documented disdain for each other on screen, each with family associations as their only soft spots, but they worked so well together. So well. Their witty banter was very entertaining and their physical descriptions of each other were hilarious. There has to be a Hobbs and Shaw sequel, is all I’m saying. These two are already some of my favorite actors and this movie further enhanced their reputation.

I liked Vanessa Kirby in this movie. She plays the role of Shaw’s sister, government agent supposedly gone rogue. I don’t know how much work her stunt double did, but this woman is tough and she can fight. God, she can hold her own in a contest. There’s a fight she had with the Rock that for a moment, I thought my hero was about to be demystified, but balance was returned to the world. Her relationship with her brother was cute, but functional, and she worked so well with the pair. She follows in the footsteps of hard-hitters like Michelle Rodriguez, Gal Gadot (hey baby), Scarlett Johannsen and Milla Jovovich. Wow. I do have a type.

Idris Elba was a good bad guy. I wish he had been made a little bit more sinister. CGI almost spoilt his performance, but he, like his role in this movie, is indestructible. There was a point when I truly believed that he would not be beaten. He was just too strong, too fast and too intelligent. Alone, he was able to match our beloved proponents and easily go toe to toe with them. And he has this motorbike that I think he has a psychic connection with. What did the motorbike do, well you go and watch the movie and find out. I bought my ticket, you buy yours.

Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart are in this movie, and they were amazing! I might be biased here, but I think Ryan Reynolds was the best thing about this movie. He does comic relief so effortlessly, and his banter with the Rock left me laughing and crying in the cinema halo. Kevin Hart came in and did Kevin Hart as only he can do, but it wasn’t excessive at all. Tastefully done Kevin Hart. I thank God for whoever casted both men for these roles.

Storyline ranges from weak to average, but for this franchise, you’ll barely care. Roman Reigns, who is one of my favorite all-time wrestlers was in it too, as you might have seen from the trailers. I’ve never seen anyone get so much screen time in such a short time frame without saying any words. It’s almost like his agent told the producers that words cost extra.

The action was insane in this movie. You’ll hear and feel every punch and kick, you’ll believe that someone somewhere has a broken rib, or concussion., or at the very least is psychologically damaged. And this is exactly what we came here for. This is why I will be a fan of this franchise till Vin Diesel’s daughter becomes part of the crew. I loved this movie.

The entertainment value alone of this movie is worth 4 out of 10 points. So overall I’ll rate this movie 5 out of 10 points. Go see this movie. Don’t take it too seriously. Enjoy.

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