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Spider-Man: Far from Home

The MCU crew are getting ridiculous with how good they are at this superhero film making business. This film has no right at all being this good and I mean it is good on so many varied layers that it is mind boggling.

Starting with the trailers, which have moved away from being entirely spoilerific in the past to now treading perfectly the line between giving you enough to get a feel for the film but yet making sure you still have no idea what a ride you are in for.


Now if you read on please be aware that while I did try to remain general in my review I will still end up spoiling some stuff in the film.

I advise you to walk away if you have not seen it yet and want to remain 100% spoiler free.

This film picks up after Avengers: Endgame – at some point earlier this year, I was convinced this movie was set before Infinity War (oh you sweet naive summer child).

Straight of the bat the film addresses a lot of the online fanboy discussions about the various impacts and ramifications of how people would/could be affected by the snap. This is dealt with onscreen in some quite funny ways, my favourite being the individual who pretended to be snapped in order to get out of a marriage, hahahaha.

The film’s opening acknowledges the Avengers and the huge debt the world owes those who died to bring back the dusted. A strong theme of finding the replacements to the Avengers runs throughout this film. In the view of many including Nick Fury top of the list should be Spider-Man.

In contrast to the last movie where Peter was all gung-ho to be an Avenger, Far From Home has him just wanting to be a “friendly neighbourhood” type hero and be able to focus on his teenage crush on MJ.

At times this film has a scale that could be called global but make no mistake, this film still remains a Peter Parker film and revolves around the life of a typical teenager and the attended teenage desires and it is the clash of this with his responsibilities as a hero that are at the heart of this movie.

To further underscore the theme of legacy that is being pushed by Fury, there is a great moment in the film where Peter uses Tony’s tech to design a suit. The echoes of Tony using the tech in the exact same way is so strong that Happy recognizes this moment and what does he do? He turns on some Led Zeppelin to play in the background. I mean, come on that is just gold!!

I have never been Team Iron Man but this was the first time since Tony’s death in Endgame that I felt anything like sadness.

Kudos Marvel, kudos.

Let’s talk about the villain chosen for this film; Mysterio. When this was announced I was not thatimpressed with the choice as I saw him as a third-tier character at best but once again MCU proved that they know what they are doing.

The lore of Mysterio is kept overall faithful to the comic in broad brushstrokes but the way the details of his origin in this film are woven into the fabric of established MCU history is simply masterful and represents some deep MCU call-backs that fans will appreciate.

Jake Gyllenhaal is simply AWESOME as Quinten Beck in this film and he totally knocks it out of the park. He inhabits the role so well and the chemistry between him and Tom Holland is plain to see on the screen. To be fair, Tom Holland seems to have chemistry with everyone!

At this point I will pause and also give credit to Zendaya, I am now loving her version of MJ so much more than I did in the last movie and I no longer pine for the redhead version from the comics. She has so much more to do in this movie than the previous one and hence viewers are more able to get why Peter and other people are into her. She really did a good job and was not simply the standard movie trope of “annoying love interest” at all.

Overall this film was a great watch, it had great humour throughout and I laughed out loud on a few occasions.

The main theme of this film for me is deception, this motif runs throughout the entire film in different ways – even the trailers form part of the overall deception.

The way this film depicts the abilities/powers of Mysterio which are all based upon illusion and deception is quite interesting and innovative and makes him a very unique foe as even the audience is pulled into experiencing his deceit and lets be clear: Beck is not the only one doing the deceiving in this film, everyone seems to have some form of deception going on. It goes all the way from Peter deceiving his friends,

to even the after-credits. Talking about the after credits these are almost Oscar worthy by themselves and got the biggest reactions of the whole film in the cinema for three different reasons!

In the first after-credit scene, when I saw a certain irascible character my jaw dropped to the floor. How on earth did Marvel keep that a secret?

Then they hit us with a game-changer, where does Spider-Man go from here?

Then there is the final after-credit scene which has a lot more impact on the MCU as a whole and may be a clue to where phase 4 is headed.

I am very eager to rewatch this a second time and have to score this film as a very good 8.5/10

Random Observations:

*The world thinks Captain America is dead?

*Spider-Man’s spider-sense getting a lot of focus in this film and his learning how to use it. This is something many Spidey fans have wondered a lot about in the MCU version of Spider-Man.

*I am upset that we did not get to see the full reaction of Aunt May finding out Peter is Spider-Man which happened at the end of Homecoming.

*Is it weird that I now want a pair of those Stark shades?

*Night Monkey, hahahaha.

*Peter Tingle, double hahahaha.

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