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Comics Round Up for: 29th May 2019

Hi Guys,

This week from DC we have their best book and one of their worst!
I wanted to review quite a few more for this article but I will stick to these two books as I seemed to have ranted a bit.
Geoff Johns has never been a bad writer, he has produced some great runs in DC that will live on in memory mostly his work on Green Lantern for me.

I have had my beef with GJ mainly die to his treatment of Captain Marvel and the wholesale changes he made to the mythos of that once great hero and this has rankled with me a lot.
Now putting all that aside I cannot ignore the good work he has done in the past but the work he is doing currently on this book must be his best work ever.
I do not know any of his previous work that comes close to this, I am happy to be proven wrong if any of you readers can point me to better output from him.

This is issue is another stellar issue and it further stands out in how it weaves a coherent tale that actually manages to explain how DC history and canon has changed over the years and why it has changed so.
The way Johns lays out the mechanics of it in this issue is simply genius and stands up to scrutiny, well at least my scrutiny. It also works on a meta level which in itself turns out to be a self-referential joke in this issue, nice touch.

I hope DC as a whole will stick to this explanation for their constant history / canon shifting going forward and use as a base to build on, much like I expect the MCU will be using the multiverse theory/universe introduced in Avengers Endgame.
Alan Moore would be proud of this book if he was not such a grouch and I can’t wait for this book to be finished and so I can sit down and re-read it all in one go.
Superman is the origin of DC comics starting with that Action Comic #1 and it is fitting that the constant changes to the DC canon all emanate from actions taken on Superman as this book postulates.
I loved the framing device used to tell two parallel tales, one of an ordinary human living his life and one of the history of the DC universe from the Golden Age through the Silver Age to the current Rebirth era.

I salute you Geoff Johns on this one.
Naija Geek Says: An almost Alan Moore worthy 9/10

Heroes in Crisis #9: Writer:Tom King, Artist: Clay Mann

This book concludes with this issue and it is one of the worst comics I have read for a long tale.
Instead of raging incoherently I will simply list its crimes and try and make this a proper critique rather than a rant.

1. This book could easily have been 5 issues maximum but it was stretched out mainly due to the use of so many 9 panel pages that added almost nothing and only served to pad out the story. Then couple this with many splash pages and it seems almost like it was done on purpose to rip off money from the readers.

2. The central concept of a place that heroes go to deal with the trauma arising from their activities is not a bad one in itself but it is handled badly here, very badly.
To be frank it made almost no sense in the way it was presented here, how they would even trust such a “system” is beyond me knowing the number of times such so called infallible systems have failed in their world. The fact that this whole Sanctuary thing came out of no where just makes it worse.

3. The initial mystery started of well but then was marred by the foolishness of the plotting that had Harley Quinn being able to take on the Trinity and escape from them so easily, then there was the reaction of the Barry Allen, a supposed top Forensic scientist and level headed hero who acted like a brainless jock and attacked Booster Gold based on most zero evidence or proof.

4. Following on from the previous point a lot of the heroes here were written either out of character entirely or just seemed to be depicted as dopes.
This has been a trait of King for awhile in most of his recent DC books, I still can’t get over Catwoman taking out two Flashes with two punches, smh.

5.This is my most painful point, the one that hurts deep.
Wally West one of the best heroes in DC with a legacy going back decades as a hero, the first side kick to graduate to become the main hero and for many a fan favourite.
This character has been sacrificed almost irredeemably for this tale that holds zero merit.
Wally has now not only killed multiple heroes accidentally, he then proceeded to cover it up, then decided to frame Booster Gold and Harley for the murders and then tried to commit “future suicide” to make the frame job airtight! Wally West!?!!

This is a disgrace and I can’t believe that DC allowed this. This is what Roy Harper died for, this story?
Not to talk about the other C level heroes that were also killed, at least it seems that Posion Ivy survived as some sort of Swamp Thing-lite creature.

Total mess.

This whole run has been an example of the Emperors Clothes for me.
We now see that Tom King is actually naked.
Naija Geek Says: A bottom dwelling 0/10

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