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Comics Round Up for: 15th May 2019

Hi Guys,

This week has had some great comics! I could easily have added a few more high scoring ones from this week but time does not permit me and i have selected the very first 4 I read this week and they all score well.

With no further ado lets do this.

Naomi #5 – Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, Artist: Jamal Campbell

Naomi is simply becoming an awesome comic!

I love this origin story as it is both a fresh take but also at the same time with certain familiar concepts mixed together to produce an overall great story so far.

Her origin combines Space Travel and Aliens and multiple Earths while being a commentary on Green issues and how power corrupts!

One aspect that I loved and rang true to me was how she rushed over to tell her friend straight away and her friend took it like a trooper and it was a non issue, glads they did not go with the tired trope of being scared of your friend once he or she gets powers.

The ending of this issue was a bit cliche but I can forgive that for all that came before.

I recommend this book highly and might be one worth getting the trade.

Naija Geek Says: A Noamistic 8/10

War of the Realms #4: Writer:Jason Aaron, Artist: Russell Dauterman

This was some epic sh*t!!!

The All-Mother Freya showing why she is the leader of Asgardia and laying the smackdown on some elves!

The new incarnation of Odin as the Iron All-Father cased in golden Stark tech crossed over with Dwarfish Know how and Wakandan Vibranium, the best of two worlds!!

Thor replacing his lost arm with the arm of the Destroyer !!!

This book is NOT playing at all.

If you like epic fights and great moments, this book is for you.

Short summary: Freya stands alone going on the Black Bifrost stoping Malekith forces from using it to reinforce their troops on Earth and to move about while at the same time using it to allow the allies of Earth to get to Midgard to help the humans, giving Earth a fighting chance now with fresh reinforcements and a new alliance that is now ready to fight back.


Naija Geek Says: A great and epic 8/10

Daredevil #5 – Writer:Chip Zdarsky, Artist: Marco Checchetto

This week just keeps giving!

After the fight with Punisher last issue, in this one we get even more guest stars in the shape of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist but the main attraction of this issue appears in the last two pages to give a stand down declaration to Matt and it is delivered well.

I loved the acknowledgement of Spider-Man as the best of them all by Daredevil and the recognition that Spider-Man is more powerful than he ever really shows, something that is not appreciated a lot about him.

Naija Geek Says: A very great and inspiring 8/10

The Life and Death of Toyo Harada #3 – Writer:Joshua Dysarthria, Artist: Marco Checchetto

Four great books!

At last the simmering feud between Toyo and Angela finally comes to a head and Joshua does something in this issue that I like and reminds me of Hickman during his SHIELD run, we see Harada visit Albert Einstein on his death bed and throughout the rest if the story this issue his visit is interlaced with all the other events including his final confrontation with Angela and the attack of the allied nations. His discussion with the great scientist does a lot to show how the great scientist influenced him and even still inform a lot his actions to date.

I like it when writers get more creative in how they weave a tale and include lots of layered themes.

Loving this book and a good sign is I want the next issue now!

Naija Geek Says: You can have an 8/10 as well!

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