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Captain Marvel: Here Are The Video Games You Can Play As Her

By Seye Ayinla

I was having trouble writing this post because

1. Who would want to play as Captain Marvel in a video game?

I won’t for sure. Don’t get me wrong, she’s super awesome. She can shoot energy blasts from her hand, she stopped an alien invasion all by herself, and according to Nick Fury, she is the only Avenger capable of time travel. She is even the most powerful superhero in all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So heck yes, why wouldn’t I want to play as her. Well for starters, why does the name Carol Danvers sound so much like Kara Danvers. Why haven’t I seen animated videos of her if she’s that powerful? What other abilities does she posses? Does she have any weakness? And why am I just knowing she is an Avenger? In summary, I’m not that emotionally invested in the character to want to play a video game of her.

2. The comic book origins of the title Captain Marvel is extremely confusing.

The so-called Captain Marvel I’ve known for the past 10 years has been this guy! I have no idea where Carol Danvers came from and how she got the title Captain Marvel. A little research (through Google since I’m not a comic master like Dapo) revealed to me that Carol Danvers has been at the forefront of Marvel comics since 1977, and her name then was Ms Marvel. Then her name changed to Binary after the Brood performed experiments on her granting her new powers. She then lost some parts of those powers and changed her name to Warbird, before finally mantling the Captain Marvel title in the year 2012. She is literally the 7th Captain Marvel by Marvel, with the first title held by the character whose name is wait for it… Mar-vell. So cliche! Anyways, if you can get past the whole convoluted timeline of the characters that have played Captain Marvel over the years, then your sanity and appreciation for the character will have improved (like mine just did).

Now that’s off my chest, we can start your Captain Marvel superhero role playing journey.

There are quite a number of video games that have been released where you could play as Captain Marvel but a few of them have been made defunct. The ones that have been discontinued are not mentioned in this article, including the ones that have not been globally released at the time of publishing. So if you’re dying for more Captain Marvel especially in video games, then here are the various options you could choose from.

Play as Captain Marvel in Virtual Reality

The most recent game you can play as Captain Marvel is in Marvel Powers United VR on the Oculus store. In the game, you get a chance to experience a variety of Carol Danvers abilities like flying, shooting energy blasts, generating energy shields and even charging up as binary all in virtual reality. You can also select other Marvel super heroes but there is nothing like putting your hands together and blasting enemies with fully fledged photon beams while immersing yourself as earth’s mightiest hero.

Play as Captain Marvel on consoles

If roleplaying in virtual reality isn’t your thing but you still want to pulverise your enemies with a gamepad then Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 might be your thing. This was Carol Danvers first and second time as a playable character in a video game, although her Ms Marvel alias and costume was used here. In the game, you could unlock 2 alternate costumes for Ms Marvel (as Warbird and as Binary) including one additional character costume known as Sharon Ventura (Ms Marvel number 2). The PSP version might complicate things as the 3rd Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell; son of Mar-vell) is also a playable character in the game.

Still on consoles, if button mashing, combos and super combos are your thing then look no further than Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Yes, you can pound opponents with Carol Danver’s stellar energy and deliver devastating combos and effects like photon blasts, strike flurry and blitz blow. She even resembles the recent comic book and movie counterpart of herself with either her long hair or mohawk helmet on.

Speaking of the mohawk helmets, someone made a mod of the recently released Resident Evil 2 where you play as Carol Danvers (in full battle mode with the mohawk helmet) instead of Claire Redfield. You can check that out here.

Play as Captain Marvel on Mobile

If you don’t own a console and would still like to fight using Captain Marvel’s signature powers then Marvel Contest of Champions is definitely the game for you. Controls as you would have guessed are touch based; tap to attack, swipe to dodge or attach and hold to block and deliver a powerful attack. You even get a chance to use Kamala Khan (the 4th and current Ms Marvel) if you choose.

If you’re looking for something less intense and more casual to do with Captain Marvel then look no further than Marvel Strike Force. The game is a turn based role playing game where you can use a combination of heroes and villains to save earth from destruction. Kamala Khan is also a playable character as Ms Marvel.

If you’d just like to see Captain Marvel battle without much brain power then Marvel Future Fight is the game you’ve been looking for.

Play as Lego Captain Marvel

Definitely if your kids love Lego or you yourself are a Lego fan or you’re just looking for a bit of fun in a Lego digital world or perhaps you’re looking for a non-gory 4 player super-hero battle then nothing else can beat Lego Marvel Avengers and Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1 & 2. Both Lego games are available on Desktop (Windows and Mac) and consoles.

And thats it from me. Enjoy your Captain Marvel superhero role playing journey.

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