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Comics Round Up for: 17th April 2019

Hi Guys,

I have already done a stand alone review for Daredevil #4 this week but have decided to highlight a few more gems out this week.
So I am only reviewing few books I think other quite decent.
Kind of a highlight reel for the week.

Meet the Skrulls #3 – Writer: Robbie Thompson, Artist: Niko Henrichon

This is a brilliant new miniseries thatI can summarise as Skrulls crossed with “The Americans” .
It is basically the tale of a family of Skrull undercover agents posing as a typical American family while carrying out missions against humans and Earth defences.
It is very well written and showcases all the issues you would expect with infiltration units who get to deep undercover especially with kids.This issue focus on how they lost a family member in the past and how it affects their efficiency in here and now and the impact on the different family members
The youngest member of this family who has been the one struggling the most with their mission takes a big step inn this issue to prove her Skrullness to her parents.
This issue sees the family infiltrate a Stark facility to sabotage a Skull detector device being built.
I recommend this book highly and I hope it keeps up this level quality and they stick the landing.
A quick word about the art itself which is quite distinctive and serves the whole spy-noir fowl the book is going for.
Naija Geek Says: An enjoyable Skrullish 7.5/10

Spider-Man Life Story#2: Writer:Chip Zdarsky, Artist: Mark Bagley

This is the second book this week by Chip that I will review and rave about, he is just hitting it out of the park consistently for awhile now and seems to be getting better and better.
This books premise is simple, assume when Spider-Man got his powers in the 60’s he has lived and aged normally since then though the following decades.
Issue 1 was about the 60’s and this is about the 70’s.
It is a great read and we see Parker here working with Reed Richards and questioning why Reed is not using his inventions to help America in the Vietnam which leads to some great debates and for once gives a genuine reason why the Marvel universe is not the tech utopia you would expect it to be with all the inventions by Stark and Reed and others.
The meat of this issues stories revolves around the Clone saga and Parkers relationship with Gwen, Harry and Mary Jane. Chip’s version of the Clone saga is more succinct and also more poignant as a result.
This is very well written and I am liking this book a lot so far.
Naija Geek Says: An almost amazing 7.5/10

Naomi #4 – Writer:Brian Michael Bendis, Artist: Jamal Campbell

Now this is a great origin story with a nice twist!
I would not have predicted any of this and I am glad it did surprise me.
So it seems that Dad is an alien from Rann and Dee the strange mechanic is also an alien but from Thanager.
Her mum is human and Naomi is still adopted but not in the traditional manner.
It seems that during the Rannian- Thanagerian war a couple of soldiers from both factions came to Earth and decided to stay, keeping out of the war.
At some point a few years later they came into the possession of baby Naomi when they stumbled on an attack on a lady who seems to be Naomi’s biological mum.
After they saved this child from these unknown aliens and they both decide to the child safe.
I am glad that Dee and Naomi’s Dad are not friends even after all those years and still retain the hostility of their races towards each other.
This issue stillest me with a few questions:
Is that logo on the thing given to Naomi the black lantern logo?
Is Naomi’s is Mum a lantern?
Bendis is on fire with this book and has my attention.
Naija Geek Says: A very good 8/10

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