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Daredevil #4 Review

Hi Guys,

I normally wait a bit and review a few comics together but I could not wait after reading the latest Daredevil comic and just had to drop this review as soon as possible.

Daredevil #4 – Writer: Chip Zdarsky, Artist: Marco Checchetto

Men this was brutal!

Last issue Daredevil was saved by the Punisher from being arrested by the cops, this issue picks up straight after this with Matt waking up in Franks custody and he is not pleased by this fact at all.

The Punisher starts once again on his tirade about how Matt by not killing criminals has not been a solution in the past to crime.

Now that Matt has killed someone Franks thinks that maybe he is finally seeing it his way. This only annoys Matt more especially as he still does not think he killed that criminal.

Frank precedes to try and prove his side of the debate by asking Matt why he should not kill a criminal he has tied up in the room with them, after much great debate Frank lets the criminal free but leaves a gun nearby knowing fully well that the goon would go for it.

He does go for it and Frank kills him.

This totally sets Matt off and he and Punisher proceed to have one of the baddest throw downs seen in print.

The art here gorgeous and details this fight beautifully, Marco Checchetto has just been a boss on art duties issue after issue and here he delivers again beautifully rendered fight scene. Last issue it was the fight between Matt and the new cop called Cole and now this issue we get this! Kudos Marco, Kudos!

In the ensuing fight Matt is not playing around at all and makes it clear as daylight to Frank that he is better than Frank in all ways and even in a fight that Frank is no match for him and even then proceeds to show the Punisher how much more deadly he can be with guns!

It was an awesome scene, the last page also had a great visual and promised more great stuff still to come.

Zdarsky has just quietly become one of the best writers currently working.

There is other stuff going on in this comic that is equally good but the meat of this one was the DD vs Punisher scenes, great stuff.

I will stop gushing now and you guys go and pick this up now!!!

I highly highly recommend this book!!!!

Naija Geek Says: A brilliant 9/10

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