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Comics Round Up for: 13th April 2019

Hi Guys,

A quick round up of two particular comics and two ongoing Marvel comic events this week. There is a dearth of DC comics reviewed by me this week but I will make it up next week.

The Life and Death of Toyo Harada #2 – Writer: Joshua Dysart, Artist: Cafu, Butch Guice

This book is just so tension filled.

The hidden agenda battle between Harada and the Angela Vessel is just so engaging,it also raises so many moral questions.

Should Toyo sacrifice a 100 innocents to save the world? A war will cost much more lives than a hundred, does the outcome justify the means?

This quandary is so interesting and as I grow older I am more open to the “sacrifice” option but then will that lead to more and more such decisions and will it get easier and easier? Is this how a Dr Doom is created or more realistically a Hitler?

Cards on the table I want Harada to succeed and I am more and more open to the disgusting idea that if Angela is so crucial to success that would mean a world that is free from Hunger and poverty then surely killing a hundred women is worth it?

Shudder! Comics should not be making me think so deeply!

Naija Geek Says: A valiant 8/10

War of the Realm: Various – Writer:Jason Aaron, Artist: Russell Dauterman

This event kicked off last week with War of the Realm #1 and continues this week with War of the realms; Journey into Mystery #1 and Squirrel Girl #43 which is just a tie-in and not crucial to the main story so far. I believe that most books this month will end up being tie-ins.

I must say so far this event has started off well but not yet caught on fire as I expected it too right out of the door, the build up to all of this was very good and it has been brewing for a while especially in the pages of Jason Aaron’s Thor comic and also the Asgardians of the Universe book but some of the pages of the main event comic War of the Realm #1 just devolved into a massive melee with not much substance especially the ones with the other heroes.

I trust Aaron so I am being patient but I am expecting a lot more from him.

I need to see the other heroes given some meat and bones in terms of character involvement in this event just like Thor and the Asgardians and not just fodder for generic fight scenes

Summary so far:

Malekith has conquered 9 realms and Earth is the last one standing and he now invades with his army made up of denizens from the 9 worlds.

The remaining Asgardians are hiding on Earth after being run out of Asgardia and are quickly targeted by the assassins sent by Malekith, Seeing Spider-Man banter with Freya is something you did not think you wanted but it is an absolute delight.

Odin is also attacked and killed in his throne room where he is all alone, yep killed I said or so we are led to believe. Thor is also attacked and lured away to Jotunhiem by male kith himself where he faces a horde of frost giants with multiple hammers!

Loki bites the dust as well or should I say Luafey bites his son into two!

Also Thori is the best dog in comics ever!!

Naija Geek Says: A watch and wait 7/10 but is should be hitting 8’s soon, I hope.

X-23 #11 – Writer:Mariko Tamaki, Artist: Diego Olortegui

I have been a fan of this book since day one and the way Mariko has built up the personalities not only of Laura but of Gabby as well is brilliant. This issue we get the pay of for all that work when Gabby decides that Laura does not always know best and goes off on her own.

What is the point of contention?

Laura has decided that all clones created from their DNA in any of the secret labs she finds will have to be killed. Gaby does nit see it that way and believes that if they can be saved they should be and that if Laura’s approach was taken before then Laura and Gabby herself should have been killed.

This is a nice consitent intimate book and I recommend it to anyone.

Naija Geek Says: A very steady eddie 7/10

Age of X-Man Various – Writer: Various & Various Artist: Various

This is the other main Marvel event going on currently and it is all about the mutants and them being trapped in a false reality moulded by Nathan Summers/Young Cable.

In this reality everyone is a mutant and also living the good life but there is a cost to this and that cost is: Love.

Yes in this world love and affection for each other is forbidden by law, kids are created in pods and not conceived and birthed by the normal modes of making love and carrying a baby in a womb. Nope all that has been basically outlawed.

But as you can expect the cracks are not long in appearing and the event is all about the race to paper over these cracks byNathan and his loyal X-Men teams while Apocalypse is the one preaching the goodness of Love, yes En Sabah Nur is the good guy in this reality!

The entries in this event so far have all ranged around good to great so far.

The books generally follow different teams and their role in this new reality and how they maintain the illusion but you also get to see some of the mutants awakening and remembering their true past.

This event is made all more important because we had the announcement that Jonathan Hickman will be taking over the X-Men books later this year, and that is absolutely great news as he is one of the best comic book writers of this generation.

The X-Men are about to become major players in the Marvel universe once again.

Naija Geek Says: A so good so far 7/10

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