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Comics Round Up for: 27th March 2019

Hi Guys,

Let’s get straight into it!

Heroes in Crisis #7 – Writer: Tom King, Artist: Clay Mann

This book does not get any better and I will not waste too many words reviewing it. Too slow, very little happening, this is a writer drinking his own Kool-aid.

Terrible pacing, great art but it can’t save this mess. If you have not read this then don’t start now. Wait for all issues to come out and then read them in a sitting, probably take all of 5 mins.

Absolute Tosh.

Naija Geek Says: A terrible 1/10

Fantastic Four #8 – Writer:Dan Slott, Artist: Penciler: Stefano Caselli, David Marquez, Aaron Kuder

What is Doom doing?!

I am really worried that Doom is back to being written as an arrogant short sighted villain and that is something he has not been in a while, he has grown past that. He is still a villain but definitely not your run of the mill type and has had tremendous growth in the last few years but I don’t see any of that growth here.

BUT I still trust Slott, he did write Superior Spider-Man and made Doc Oct a great character. So I still hold out hope.

This apart the book is a great read what you call normally call a page turner and I am always excited for the next issue.

This issue Doom carries on with his plan of turning Galactus into a giant battery for Latveria and as you expect the plan is starting to show some flaws.

Naija Geek Says: Another impressive 8/10

Action Comic #1009 – Writer:Michael Bendis, Artist: Steve Epting

I don’t like it when the two superman books have major storylines going on and yet they seem totally detached from one another.

In the other Superman book it is all about their kid being back and like 6 years older and yet here in this book he is absent and not even mentioned at all.

It is now about the new big bad Leviathan that is decimating all clandestine organisations like Task force X, Checkmate, this has Amanda Waller on the run and goes what?

They casually drop the fact that Amanda knows Superman’s identity, Really?!

This is a storyline that strangely seems to have come out of the Silencer comic book, I have been reading it and it is quite a decent book.

The core of this issue is about Superman, Lois and Amanda on the run and going into hiding from Leviathan.

We get to see Superman channelling his inner Batman here and it seemed bit cheesy to me personally.

Not the stronger Superman book in my opinion.

Naija Geek Says: A ok enough 6/10

Detective Comics #1000 – Writer: Scott Synder & Various Artist: Various

This was a celebration issue of all things Batman and had quite a few different stories from various teams in this book.

Most of them were quite good with a couple of standouts.

Kevin Smith’s entry about the gun used in the Crime Alley and its eventual fate was pretty good and I loved Paul Dini’s tale of the Legend that is Knute Brody, an unlucky henchman who has worked with almost all the costumed villains in Gotham.

Naija Geek Says: An enjoyable 7/10

Daredevil #3 – Writer: Chip Zdarsky & Various Artist: Marco Checchetto

I loved this issue!

It had so many good parts.

It did not only have a good chase scene, a great fight but also a blood pumping rescue!

In this issue Daredevil is cornered by the police and a new eager cop is determined to bring Daredevil in and surprisingly he is quite capable!

It is nice to see certain tropes reversed here, we are used to normal people losing to costumed vigilantes in hand to hand combat even if said vigilante has no physical superpowers. For once we see a cop who is quite handy in a fight and takes down Daredevil albeit a wounded one.

The rescue at the end of this comic was too good and you can guess easily who it is behind it from the tactics employed before he is revealed on the last splash page.

This is simply so well written and Chip Zdarsky is fast becoming a fave of mine at Marvel.

Check out his other titles.

Naija Geek Says: An absolute blast and gets an extra half point for those last pages 8.5/10

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