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It’s the finale in new Avengers: Endgame trailer

by The Maveriq

These Marvel guys have our mumu button and they are teasing us no end. The new trailer for Avengers: Endgame just dropped and as usual, they don’t give away any new information on the direction of the film. But here are five things from the new Avengers; Endgame Trailer;

1. Antman is out of the vortex and is back home to the shock reality of the destruction of the earth.

2. The Avengers have new suits, and they are stunning! But it begs the question? Who made these new suits? Did Stark anticipate this? Is that also a new Avengers Complex I see?

3. The trailers shows us the history of the surviving avengers. Why? Does this allude to their end?

4. Thanos STILL hasn’t made an appearance but now Captain Marvel has.

5. The Avengers promise to do “Whatever it Takes” to avenge their loved ones. I perceive there will be death!!!

What did you think of this new trailer? Are you pumped like me?

Captain America in the new suit



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