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How Not to Fight Over Politics? Play Political Games!

by Seye Ayinla

The 2019 Nigerian Elections are coming! Everywhere you go online, people are picking sides. Friends and family are unleashing verbal fisticuffs over which political candidate they support. So if you don’t want to fight, how do you pass the time or defuse tensions online? Play video games!

We found three political games that have emerged these past few months. They don’t require a lot of brain power and are quite fun to play. The best part? They are all for free.

If there is a particular presidential candidate that you like, you can now play as him/her. Or if you’re an avid card-carrying member of a political party, you now have the chance to crush opposition parties you don’t support online as well as at the polls.

Here are the 3 political games for the 2019 elections available on Android.


APC vs PDP is a fast-paced arcade game where you play as a corps member in charge of managing the voting process of a polling station. Your job as either the youth corper and INEC official in charge of a polling booth is to ensure a free and fair election takes place. If not managed properly, then the resulting outcome is publicised.

APC vs PDP has a rather simple gameplay mechanic. You just have to correspond the correct ballot box to a voter’s preferred party (shown by the object in his/her hand) on the queue. You also need to be very quick as voters expectations, mood and anticipation can get intense. Although the gameplay turns out to be very repetitive, it does provide a good workout session for essential hand-eye coordination.

APC vs PDP is also on iOS and you can compete on a leaderboard to show how good you are. The game is also available in Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo for easy local accessibility.

Naija Defense

Naija Defense is a casual thumb mashing arcade game where you play as the incumbent party trying to defend and retain their reign. You begin as the current ruling party (APC), and your job is to fend off opposition parties and win your re-election campaign. Your successful re-election bid is dependent on how long you can repel opposing forces from deposing you.

Gameplay is relatively simple as it requires tapping the screen to change the direction of the ruling party. Each tap or press reverses the direction of the ruling party to the opposing side. There is also a special ability that allows you to move twice as fast if you press and hold the screen for a little longer.

There is a shop where you can purchase and upgrade your shields, which give you an extra layer of protection and make you play for longer. In the same shop, you can unlock and defect to other prominent political parties as with real life. There are 17 political parties including PDP, APGA, YPP, AD, AAC and ANN you can switch allegiance to.

If you’re very good, you can compete among other high scoring players on the top defenders’ leaderboard.

Naija Rush

Naija Rush is a 3D endless runner game where you play as any prominent 2019 presidential candidate of your choice in a race towards Aso Rock. In your race, you have to overcome various obstacles and barriers to collect the needed votes for your preferred presidential candidate need to win.

Naija Rush’s gameplay is quite similar to other endless runners. Swipe up to jump over obstacles, swipe down to roll under some and swipe left and right to change lanes. You can also change settings to use the gyroscope instead of swiping horizontally.

So If you’re really into politics, we recommend giving them a try to get the edge off while you await the result of the electoral votes.

Also If you’ve played any other election game not listed here, please drop them in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on your experience playing these games.


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