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Hobbs and Shaw trailer: More!

I saw this trailer this past weekend, and it made me so…. Well, let’s look at it again.

Say what you want about such mindless franchises like Fast and Furious, or Transformers, which are more noise and action sequences than good storylines, but I love them so much! And this is the reason why: movies are FIRST and FOREMOST, supposed to be entertaining! I want to go see a movie which challenges reality, embraces fantasy, makes me laugh loud, and whoop with other movie-goers. So yes, my favorite movie genre is Action, naturally.

This movie is going to be all that, and hopefully more. I did not expect this spin-off containing both of these characters, who are exactly half of my best characters in the Fast and Furious universe, along with Vin Diesel and Gal Gadot, but I feel like it would work. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, the hammer and the scalpel. For some reason, I am looking forward to this just as much as Avengers: End-Game.

But one character I am easily looking forward to seeing in this movie is Idris Elba, as a villain! From Luther to Thor to Dark Tower, he has always shown a great range in acting, and with this role, he is about to step it up a notch. And I believe he would be a great bad guy! He has the intensity, the passive-aggressiveness, possible sociopathic leanings, a calm but mean demeanor – possibly all his previous roles have been preparing him for this one. I hope they don’t kill him off after one showing.

Last observation: I am happy that this is the next installment in this franchise. It will be different, and refreshing compared to the previous ones, which were still awesome by the way. I expect a cameo or two from some of the regular cast, and hopefully it just adds more spice to this. The storyline will be a secondary concern, but it will be nice if it is a solid. As long as it is funny, loud and entertaining, I will be happy.

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