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Geek Movies of 2018 – My Verdict

2018 was a great year for all us nerds and geeks and the movies reflected certainly reflected that.

In this post I am going to reflect back on the films we got to see this year and give a few quick fire reviews on them.

I would like to state for full disclosure that at time of writing I have not yet seen the following films: Teen Titans go to the Movies, Solo, Bumblebee, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Avengers: Infinity War

This for me is the undisputed king of the geek movies this year, only one other film came close to even challenging it and it was a close call but after much reflection Infinity War for me is the top dog this year. A culmination of 10 years of MCU and the pay off was awesome, the Russo brothers pulled off an almost impossible feat in matching the feels I had while watching Avengers for the first time all those many years ago.

Favourite Scene of the movie: Thor’s entrance into Wakanda

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

While this list is not in any sort of order of quality, Into the Spider-Verse is my second favourite film this year and for awhile i was debating if it was my no.1 but I have decided for now it is 2nd. I plan to rewatch is again in a weeks time. I don’t want to go over the top with my praise but this film is simply the best Spider-Man movie made and it is clearly a labour of love. The art style was so innovative and that soundtrack coincided with the music of my youth. Loved this film and it understood the appeal of Spider-Man

Favourite Scene of the movie: Gwen Stacy’s entrance and the swinging lessons.


This film is a film of mosts, it is the most tonally balanced film in the DCEU, it the most gorgeous looking film in the DCEU, it is the most confident film in the DCEU, it is the most funny DCEU film.

This is a good fun movie from DC that shows that they can deliver a good film without all the tears and recriminations we have seen in the past.

I wished we had more of Black Manta but hey maybe we will later in any sequels.

Favourite Scene of the movie: Opening sequence on the Submarine with the Pirates and Aquaman stopping them.

Black Pather

This film came with a lot of hope and expectations and oh boy did it deliver! The film was so strong and assured in the difficult message and themes it was dealing with that even some wonky CGI and a bad climatic fight could not hold it back from being one of the best films of this year and probably for many years to come.

Favourite Scene of the movie: Entrance of the T’Chaka and the Dora milage to N’joku’s flat in America plus any scene with Shuri.


I did not expect much from this film and my low expectations were met. Personally it was a total meh film in my opinion and a very disjointed one as well. the tone of the film was all overall the place and was clearly edited to death.

I expected this film to bomb but it did great at the box office which for me I thing might not be a good thing especially if the message that is taken is that even a half assed superhero film with do well.

Favourite Scene of the movie: The restuarant scene (struggling to find a fave here to be honest).

Incredibles 2

I have been waiting years and years for this sequel and while it was a very very good film I still think it falls short of the original but still a stellar film. I had great fun watching this and one I hope it has another sequel soon.

Favourite Scene of the movie: Jack Jack versus the Racoon

Ant-Man & the Wasp

The Antman films are the fun films of the MCU and this entry cements that. I enjoyed this as much as the first one to be honest and Paul Rudd continues to be the actor no one can hate. Wasp being a bad ass in this movie was so good! Harmless fun filled movie

Favourite Scene of the movie: Smirk on Cassie’s face when watching the news about her dad Ant-man in action.

Deadpool 2

I liked this more than the first one! Yeah I said it!

This had less Deadpool and more of other heroes and for me that was a good thing. I have never been a big fan of Deadpool and his humour and found it a bit much in the comics. The inclusion of more characters in this film meant there were more people to do the heavy lifting and it was not all on Ryan Reynolds. Very enjoyable film.

Favourite Scene of the movie: Domino’s non-cinematic power display

Ready Player One

This was a love letter to all geeks of a certain age and I embraced it! I am not a gamer of any note but I got a hell of lot of the references. I loved trying the spot the characters from pop culture while watching the movie. The ending was way too long and in hindsight the scenes after the Doom Planet victory could have been shaved down by a full 15 minutes!

Favourite Scene of the movie: MechaGodzilla vs Iron Giant vs Gundam

A Wrinkle in Time

This was a terrible film, full of cliches and tired tropes.

It looked beautiful as the cinematography was top notch but I can’t think of much else to recommend in this bland fare. It clearly aimed at the younger marketing had a very blatant inclusion message that just rang forced and hollow to me.

Favourite Scene of the movie: A giant Oprah Winfrey (Nothing much else to choose from really).

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