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DC Comics Round Up for: 19th December 2018

Hi Guys,

Still trying this new format, I missed out on DC last week again due to heavy workload. So this week I will be starting with the house Batman built.

Let the feedback fly.

Aquaman #43 – Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Artist: Robson Rocha

This issue starts a brand new chapter in Arthur Curry’s life with a new creative team in charge.

We have an amnesic Aquaman who does not know how he came to be where he is or who he is.

Nice opening for this new arc which gave us just enough hints to keep us interested in how it will all unravel. I am fully onboard with this new take for now.

The art is not exactly my cup of tea but does not distract me from the tale and will probably grow on me as I read more work pencilled by Rochaand get used ti it

Naija Geek says this is an aquatic good start 6/10

The Batman #61 – Writer: Tom King, Artist: Travis Moore

This is exactly the type of Batman stores I was expecting from King when he came on board, this is entertaining and had me engaged form the very start of this issue. In this tale we have a young twisted individual who thinks he is Bruce Wayne and is recreating the circumstances of the Waynes murder leading to a slew of killings of parents leaving the kids as sole witnesses.

Nothing gets to the core of Batman than when he is actually being a detective and this issue goes a bit to addressing his detective side and with Master Bruce it seems we have another great entry into Batmans rogue gallery.

Naija Geek says a very good 7/10

Damage #12 – Writer: Aaron Lopresti , Artist: Robert Venditti

As much as I hated the whole Dark Metal event I must admit that I am enjoying quite a few of the characters that have been introduced as a result of that event. I am not talking about The Batman that laughs here but ones like the Silencer, Sideways and yes, the star of this comic as well.

Damage may seem like a cheap Hulk rip-off with a 60 minute deadline but the character has been well served by the writers so far and this issue with Superman making an appearance is quite a good read especially with where Damage finds himself at the conclusion of this issue.

I was worried about how they will depict his power level compared to Superman but I think it was handled well enough to not be an issue for me, no one was really jobbed.

Naija Geek Says: A very damaging (in a good way)  6.5/10

Justice League #14 – Writer: Scott Synder, James Tynion IV , Artist: Jim Cheung, Stephen Segovia

This comic is gorgeous! The art of Cheung and Segovia is just something too salivate over, it is worth the cost of the comic all by itself.

The story here is also not bad but does follow a well trod and tired trope, one i kind of saw coming a mile away: a society that is harbouring a dark secret.

I think Tynion is the stronger writer between him and Synder when it comes to the Justice League and should be allowed to take over the title on his own.

Anyway we get a good look at Thanager in this issue and unless I am wrong it seems that we get yet another retcon on the original of Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

Naija Geek Says: A very good looking  7/10 mainly his time for the art

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