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Batman’s Arrival in the Titans Finale Suggests Its An Alternate Universe

DC Universe’s Titans has won many fans in its debut season, generating so much positive buzz that it was renewed after only the first episode had aired. Fans were introduced to compelling versions of Nightwing, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven in this dark and gritty take (Teen Titans Go this is NOT).

However after taking the time to introduce the Titans core lineup and even surprising viewers by giving live-action debuts to fan favorites such as Wonder Girl, Hawk & Dove and Doom Patrol, we were only given glimpses of Bruce Wayne/Batman as a silhouette or outline in flashback scenes. Well, at least until now.

The trailer for Titans‘ season finale gives us our best look yet at the Batman as he seemingly takes the darkest of paths into murderous territory. According to the trailer, after almost a year of avoiding Gotham, Dick is implored by Jason Todd to return because Batman has finally embraced the darkness and is about to murder his rogues gallery.

From what we have learned of Batman all season and his characterization from his relationship with Dick Grayson as “having no conscience”. It seems clear that this entire series takes place in an alternate universe of some sort as the Batman we’ve all come to know and love has a strict ‘no killing’ policy.

Regardless of if this is an alternate universe or even somehow connected to the Arrowverse’s great crossover event through the Greg Berlanti connection, the finale (titled ‘Dick Grayson) is shaping up to be an explosive one. Batman makes his debut on Titans when the show streams December 21.

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