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Doctor Who Season 11 Review

Well season 11 has just ended and it has been a season of firsts:

1. The first female Doctor as we all know

2. The first season with three companions for the whole season

3. The first season in control for the show runner in Chris Chibnall

Was it any good? Well I will not hold you in suspense much longer here is my verdict:

This is the worst season since the modern day reboot of the franchise

Sadly as much as I wanted to love Jodie’s take on the Doctor and for it to shine, it did not.

If I am being honest I currently to lay the blame at the feet of the show runner.

What was wrong you ask?

Well my first and biggest complaint is that it seemed that they totally dumbed down the show and there was not one episode that even came across as half clever.

To compound matters they had a desperate need to keep explaining basic stuff verbally over and over again to us the audience like we were nitwits, it was very guilty of the cardinal crime of telling and not showing.

Some of the episodes also came across as very preachy and almost seemed like an episode made for year 7 students to back up some of their school lessons, smh. Doctor Who can be educational but normally it is done with more subtlety than shown here for a couple of the episodes.

Now on to the companions, sadly in my view they were not allowed to shine this season and had almost growth as characters. Graham and Ryan had a mini arc around their relationship and Graham for me was the only one I felt any strong connection with, Yas had almost zero growth and I don’t know much about her beyond that one episode which was based around her India/pakistan roots.

The show to be honest failed to give any of them any strong defining personalities and even now they are really mostly still blank slates.

Not one of this seasons episodes managed being beyond an average score for me and hence the whole season was overall totally meh in my humble opinion.

I am so disappointed and things really need to change for me to get excited by this current Who team.

The fact that this bad season coincides with the first female Doctor is very unfortunate and will give the sexists a lot of fodder to attack her casting as political correctness gone mad.

Can Jodie be a good Doctor?

Maybe but this season does not help her credentials at all.


Overall season score: a pathetic 5/10


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