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Avengers Trailer is Here and its Expectedly Bleak

It’s been months since fans had to endure the catastrophic ending of Avengers: Infinity War where Thanos effectively decimated half of all life in existence. Fans filed out of theaters around the world stunned into silence at the tragic sight of beloved superheroes literally fading into dust and eager to see vengeance wrought on the mad Titan.

All through the subsequent months of teases, rumors and postponed trailer fans have kept reddit and comment threads busy with speculation about what would be in the first trailer for next year’s flick. Today the directors of the movie released the first teaser trailer and thanked fans for their patience in waiting for their first glimpse of the appropriately titled Avengers: Endgame.

From Tony Stark making peace with his looming death to a teary-eyed Captain America, the trailer picks up in tone from the destruction in Infinity War. Tony Stark is seen adrift in space in a powerless ship leaving a final message for Pepper Potts in his wrecked Iron man helmet.

We also find Bruce Banner at Avengers HQ pondering the images of Scott Lang, Shuri and Peter Parker while Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanov come to terms with the scale of the destruction Thanos accomplished. Captain America has a tear running down his cheek and Iron Man is dictating a dying message. It’s bleak y’all.

The trailer eventually starts to shift gears as the voice of Captain America delivers what sounds like the beginnings of a rallying speech to get the team to regroup. Thor is seen brooding and Black Widow watches Hawkeye (in his Ronin guise) dispatch what we can only assume are Yakuza types in Japan.

The trailer ends with the sort of typically cheery note that only Scott Lang can bring. That last bit appears to confirm the rumors that Scott Lang and his skillset will play a key role in whatever comes next. Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts.

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