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RUMOR: Marvel Is Dropping An Avengers Trailer This Week

Avengers: Infinity War left many fans reeling from the loss of several of their favorites. In addition, the sight of Thanos at rest on a distant planet after having accomplished his plans to cull all life in existence left a sour taste. Marvel fans can’t wait to see their heroes return to the big screen to deliver payback to the Mad Titan.

The sequel hits theaters next year and fans have been clamoring for every little titbit of information about the movie’s production. Top on the list of things fans have expected to see is a trailer, moreso since Kevin Feige, Marvel’s head honcho, mentioned that fans could expect one before the end of 2018.

Although Feige’s claim appeared to be contradicted by the film’s directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, rumors began swirling on social media today that we can expect an Avengers trailer to drop this Wednesday morning.

Writers for and revealed that they had reliable sources indicating that the Avengers trailer was being released this week. Since this will be preceded by a Captain Marvel trailer tomorrow night, it looks like this will be an epic week for Marvel fans.

Previously, this now-deleted tweet made the same claim.

Hold on to your horses. It’s going to be a fun week.

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