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Marvel Comics Round Up for: 31st October 2018

Marvel Two-In-One #11, Writer: Chip Zdarsky Artist: Ramon K Perez

Chip has been writing a great alternate Fantastic Four tale in this book and even with the FF back in their own main book Chip’s Marvel Two-In-One series is still a must read.
This issue a theory is posited that is quite intriguing: Is Dr Doom a super-villain only because Reed Richards exists?
Chip makes a great case that on worlds without a Reed Richards, Dr Doom almost always becomes a benevolent force for good. We get to see an example of a Dr Doom in a universe without a Reed Richards and how his life turns out.
Earth 616 Reed Richards has been visiting this Reed-less universe on a regular basis and has become very good friends with this universe’s Victor von Doom. As you might expect, Ben Grimm is suspicious of this Doom.
This issue weaves the Doom issue into the reason why Reed let Ben and Johnny think the rest of the FF were dead all this time. This made for a nice tale and one i would like to see them explore bit more in future stories.

Naija Geek Says: A nice Introspective 6.5/10

Old Man Logan #50, Writer: Ed Brisson, Artist: Ibraim Roberson

This seemingly concludes the arc with Maestro as we finally get to see this alternate version of a future Hulk gets his behind well and truly kicked.
The way the Maestro is dispatched is oddly unsatisfying and makes me wonder if it’s actually all over even though the solicits for the next issue don’t seem to indicate that.
Overall this arc turned out to be a bit lackluster, the Maestro’s plan seemed very lame and out of character. It seemed beneath him to just want to conquer one lowly town in the middle of nowhere – especially since the 616 world he finds himself in is not a post-apocalyptic one.
This was a story that had great potential but in the end it was painted with the most broad of strokes and not given the time and room to breathe.
in addition the attitude of the humans oppressed by the Maestro was something I found a bit unbelievable especially how they were willing to turn on each other.
Overall this was a story that barely skimmed its full potential.

Naija Geek Says: A disappointing 5/10

Source: Marvel

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