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DC Comics Round up for: 31st October 2018

Heroes in Crisis #2, Writer: Tom King, Artist: Clay Mann and Travis Moore

Lots to talk about in this issue so first, a quick summary:

The League are still investigating the murders of heroes in Sanctuary and the main suspects are still Harley Quinn and Booster Gold. The suspects take different approaches to deal with the situation,

Harley draws the league to her by pretending to hide away in a safe house provided by Penguin while Booster Gold decides do what Batman would do and investigate to try and clear his name.

With that out of the way lets get to the fact that this issue had so many comic fans triggered! Why you ask?

Well lets see:

1. Batman is seen getting all emotional about his habit of recruiting young soldiers and the toll it has taken on them and starts sharing some of his hereto unseen angst about this with Sanctuary (which for those not in the know is an AI Therapist).

This scene of Batman almost breaking down has upset many Batman fans who believe that he would never emote that way as he is known to be the epitome of stoics. Yet in this issue it is Wonder woman who comes out as a shining example of being tight-lipped and holding it all in.

2. Harley Quinn basically takes on the Trinity of DC (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) all at once, by herself, and manages to “win”. She outsmarts them and evades capture while making them look stupid. To rub it in, Superman states that Harley Quinn is as good as Batman! Hahahahahaha! Cue worldwide gnashing of teeth by DC fanboys. Hahahahaha… glorious!

3. Barry Allen is told about Wally’s death by Booster Gold and he reacts by beating Booster up. Now while not many fans online were upset by this, I feel this was an equally bad if not worse moment for a character like the Flash.

Barry is a cop and is usually very logical in his interactions. He is not one to jump to conclusions and start beating up an established hero without asking any questions to establish the truth. Also how on earth does Flash not know abut this already? Shoddy writing.

When Bendis switched to DC many fans feared he would – true to his reputation – write DC’s heroes of out of character. Alas, they should have been wary of Tom King and his mind-bending situations. Remember he gave us a Justice League taken over by Poison Ivy and three Flashes taken out with a single punch each by Catwoman!

I swear, sometimes times I think King is trolling DC fans. Perversely I am enjoying all this (including the online rage) and I want more!!

Naija Geek Says: A trollistic 7.5/10

Wildstorm #18, Writer: Warren Ellis, Artist: Jon Davis-Hunt

I have decided to take stock of all the factions in this comic and their motivations to make sure I am still on track.

This issue we see the factions becoming a lot more clearer and the battle lines being drawn and it was a good issue to take stock of who is who and who is doing what.

We have:

1. Skywatch:

They control all space and alien matters on Earth and they are led by Henry Bendix aka the Weatherman who is a total lunatic and undoubtedly a very bad person. He is now targeting enhanced humans they had created in the past, trying to get them back under his control and use them against IO.

2. IO:

This is the ground version of Skywatch led by Miles Craven and they take care of all earthbound issues. IO and Skywatch hate each other and hence IO come across as good guys in comparison to Skywatch. I still see them as being baddies but to a much lesser extent. They seem to be aiming to hit back at Skywatch for killing their operative

3. The Wildcats:

They are led by Marlowe and seem to be good guys now but may have worked for IO in the past. They are consistently going after IO again and again. In this issue they decide to hit IO again because they get information that IO have discovered some potential new particle.

4. The Authority:

This is an independent group forming which I am calling the Authority and it is composed of some Century babies Jenny Spark, The Doctor and Jack Hawksmoor. Angelia Spica has also just decided to leave WildCATS and join them.

We also a few loose canons with their own agenda against one or more of the above groups; John Lynch, Zealot and Michael Cray more about those in my next review of this book.

Naija Geek Says: A consistently great 8/10

Source: DC

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