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Marvel Comics Round Up for: 24th October 2018

Black Panther vs Deadpool #1, Writer: Daniel Kibblesmith, Artist: David Marquez

This was a surprisingly fun book! I was thinking that the presence of Deadpool meant that invariably this would be disrespectful to BP, that Deadpools jokes would all be at his expense.
Well I be damned, I was totally mistaken and they totally found a way to make this work when it had no right to.
They managed to make both characters shine in a way that is genuine and yet true to their characters
This was well done and I would go as far as saying that it was one of the best depictions of T’Challa I have seen in a while.
Certain BP scribes would do well to take note!
A great depiction of Marvels first black characters has been missing BP in recent years post Hickmans run and Ewings Ulimate title.
Daniel Kibblesmith kudos to you and the art while not initially to my taste quickly grew on me and I ended up liking it, especially that handstand upside down kick that Black Panther executed.
Good issue and looking forward to the next one.
What is the plot you ask? Willie Lumpkin gets hurt in a battle between DP and the wrecking crew and he can only be saved in true comic book logic by Vibranium and hence he infiltrates Wakand with the predictable results.
Naija Geek Says: A surprisingly good 7/10

The Punisher #3, Writer: Matthew Rosenberg, Artist: Syzmon Kudranski

I love this book!

Quick Synopsis: Daredevil and Frank must team up to survive an onslaught of Ninjas and a Supervillain who are intent in seeing Frank dead.

This my friends is how Frank Castle should always be written when “teaming up” with established heroes.

The frustration of Daredevil was too funny, trying to fight off Ninjas with Castle but at the same time trying to stop him from killing them is a totally thankless task.

Daredevil got his own back though by setting him up to be caught by the police through the artifice of pretending to have a heart attack, hahaha you dirty dirty dog Murdock.

This is simply an entertaining story that handles the dynamics of your standard vigilante working with/against another vigilante who has a totally different moral code when it comes to using deadly force.

The art is also just absolutely sumptuous, the way the battle on the train was laid out on the panels was awesome I loved the use of a split perspective on the train allowing us to see Daredevil fighting on top of the train and in the same panel also see Punisher murdering the heck out of the goons like there is no tomorrow. Those panels were dynamic and beautiful, well done Syzmon, take a bow.

Naija Geek Says: A punishingly good 8/10

Apologies for not reviewing any comics last week, blame Netflix and dropping season 3 of Daredevil

Here is a belated review from last weeks batch of comics that I wrote but did not get time to publish.

Captain Marvel #4, Writer: Margaret Stohl, Artist: Marguerite Sauvage, Carlos Pacheco

This book commits the cardinal sin of retconning everything you know to be true previously about a character for no real good reason!

In this issue we discover that Carol’s powers came from her mum who was a Kree superpowered soldier all along!

I am only guessing that this has something to do with the coming up movie next year for this character, which is an even worse sin in my view, the comics should not be altered to match the movies. Let the movies be their own thing don’t alienate the actual core comic reading fanbase that embraced these characters to start of with when they were not mainstream and made them popular.

What is even worse is that the retcon performed here now impacts the whole Marvel Universe and is now basically contradicting some well established events in the history of the Marvel universe. They have written themselves into a jam in my view and don’t understand how they will wriggle their way out of it.

For example the whole reason behind the Kree creating the Inhumans was because the Kree were at an evolutionary deadend and could not evolve anymore, they envied the ability of the Human race to evolve and access great powers biologically. Now they are saying that Carol’s mum was a Kree with superpowers from the very start?

Face palm moment. This issue had the fanboy in me well and truly triggered.

The low score is not for any bad art or even bad writing but for a stupid story and stupid idea!


Naija Geek Says: A triggered 5/10

Source: Marvel

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