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DC Comics Round up for: 24th October 2018

Justice League Odyssey #2, Writer: Joshua Williamson, Artist: Stjepan Sejic

I had great hopes for this book because it was written by Joshua Williamson who writes one of the best comics out there at the moment for Image called Birthright.

Well so far so meh.

I am not feeling this at all and actually this felling seems all so familiar nowadays with the JL books.

It has the fell of trying too hard to write universal epics with the highest stakes possible but it just comes off as derivative and not very original or even worse not interesting.

The characters chosen for this book are not even that good ones in my humble opinion; Cyborg I have always found boring, Azreal is equally lame in my opinion, one of the worst Bat members ever and this book has done nothing to change my mind about these two characters, then we have Starfire and Jessica Cruz who it is proven can be interesting in different hands but not here, Cruz fares the best of all of them but not enough to save this book.

What happens in it? Nothing much, they fight a reluctant newly adult size Darkseid who is actually asking for their help sort of with some multiversal danger. Yawn.

Naija Geek Says: Another meh comic 5/10

Apologies for not reviewing any comics last week, blame Netflix and dropping season 3 of Daredevil

Here is a belated review from last weeks batch of comics that I wrote but did not get time to publish.

Batman #57, Writer: Tom King, Artist: Tony S. Daniel

This book is way too decompressed for a monthly title.

The whole comic is simply one fight scene and one fairy tale.

Nothing happens here that could not have been told in two or three pages max, yet it takes up the whole issue.

If you are reading this on an issue by issue basis it will be annoying.

I am sure this will be a much better read when the whole arc is collected together as graphic novel and read in a sitting, but for now this comic is simply very well drawn, good looking book that has not much substance.

What happened in it? Batman fights KGBeast, that is it.

And for all the Batman hypemasters out there in fandom, he nearly loses to KGBeast and has to “cheat” to win.

Take that all you fans that keep saying: “Because he is the goddamn Batman”

Naija Geek Says: A very quick and unsatisfying 6/10, sounds like a complaint I have heard before in my life.

Source: DC

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