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Review: Black Lighting Season 2 Episode 1 – Book of Consequences: Chapter One: The Rise of the Green Light Babies

Oh Damn!

Black Lighting is back and they have really upped their game!

This episode reminded me very strongly of the Marvel Netflix shows – especially Daredevil – when Thunder pulled off her very own corridor fight scene.

For me, this is still the strongest of the DC TV shows and even though the show shines a light on the current happenings with police shootings in the US, they manage to not be preachy about it.

The strongest aspect of this show still remains the family dynamic and I especially love seeing how they explore the impact of these burgeoning powers that Jennifer has no control over. Also there is a great scene between her and her father that warms the heart.

Like many fans, we can’t wait to see more.

Other cool bits:

  • Jennifer’s electrical glow and floating.

  • The cop working out the secret identity city of Black Lightning.

  • Anissa becoming a modern day Robin.

  • The Cheesy cat fight at the beginning between Syonide and the former vice-principal turned bad Ms Fowdy.

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