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Marvel Comics Round Up for: 10th October 2018

Avengers #9, Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: David Marquez

Oh well, it is outright war now between Namor and the surface world… again! The reason for the outbreak of hostilities is as flimsy as hell and the writing had major issues for me – for instance how on Earth were the Avengers talking underwater?

Also while I accept that Namor is a powerhouse and can trouble almost anyone in a fight there is no way he should have been able to hold his own against the whole Avengers, just no way! At one point he was holding off Thor and Iron Man at the same time and also took a hit from Captain Marvel without flinching.

Another big issue I had was the hostility of Namor this time round, I know he has always suffered from an imbalance of his biochemistry due to his mixed heritage but here he was blatantly homicidal – did he just murder Stingray?! I hope we get a better explanation for his emotional state beyond a simple: “he was upset”.

This is still a very good read, but for fans who obsess over power rankings this issue will grate on your nerves.

The art from David Marquez is awesome as always but needs restating every time.

Naija Geek Says: A fanboy raging 7/10

The Immortal Hulk #8, Writer: Al Ewing, Artist: Joe Bennett

What is this? Job the avengers week?!! First the Avengers got beaten up by Namor and now it’s Hulk’s turn?

In this issue the Avengers come to save the day and take the Hulk down but the green monster is able to basically beat them all up! This included breaking Thor’s skull? SMH.

This title is very good easily top 5 from Marvel at the moment but I think Ewing ‘took the mickey’ in this issue and really needs to respect the power levels of the current Avengers roster a bit more.

Also the Avengers seemed quite reckless here and the decision to use ever escalating amount of power to take the Hulk down made no sense and the resulting collateral damage is beyond anything I would deem justifiable.

Then the end splash page had the most creepy way of containing the Hulk I have ever seen and one I am not even sure makes much sense at all.

Naija Geek Says: An Angry 7/10

Source: Marvel

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