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Marvel Comics Round up for: 3rd October 2018

X-Men: Black #1, Writer: Chris Claremont, Artist: Dalibor Talajic

This is an issue of comebacks.

Chris Claremont is back writing the mutants again and Magneto is kind of back to his original Mutant anti-hero persona for the umpteenth time.

There is nothing unique or special about this tale, we have seen it a thousand times before; Anti-mutant racism among humans etc.

This though does seem to be setting up the scene for Magneto to decide to start moving mutants off-planet. This is something that Rememder explored in his Uncanny Avengers run to some good effect but he ended up handwaving it all away in the best comic traditional manner, I wish it had stuck.

If this is the route Claremont is going down then maybe he will make it stick this time.

There is no reason with the Marvel Universe as it is now that the mutants could not have their own planet by now.

The art was not impressive at all and seemed very basic not dynamic at all.

Naija Geek Says: A plain jane 5.5/10

Weapon H #8, Writer: Geg Pak, Artist: Guiu Vilanova

This book I was sure would bomb, the whole idea of a character that is a hybrid of Wolverine and the Hulk seemed so derivative and unoriginal that I gave it no chance of lasting at all.

I have to admit I am now a fan of the character, he has such a unique perspective and is not stereotypical at all, his attitude to his predicament and how he is driven by the love of his family rather than rage or angst is very welcome. This character has his own voice and it is one I am happy to read about, the interaction with his kids in this issue alone is a further example of how he is different from the normal angst ridden characters.

In this issue we get Korg turning up to form a team with Weapon H and some others including the always welcome Titania to go and help bring back some missing Roxxon staff back from Weirdworld.

Yes I said Roxxon, the evil corporation!

Roxxon have as they usually do created a problem with thier shady ways by creating a breach to Weirdworld. This team is basically now working with Roxxon to help them contain this breach but they are making sure they are getting paid to do so, the contract negotiation was funny as heck.

I wish the art was better and matched the earlier issues but this is still a good book with great potential.

Naija Geek Says: A well negotiated 7/10

Source: Marvel

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