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DC Comics Round up for: 3rd October 2018

Justice League #9, Writer: Scott Synder, Artist: Jorge Jimenez

Well it seems the writer on this title changes in an adhoc manner, this week Scott Snyder is the writer and for me so far that has always equalled a drop in quality.

This issue is meant to be one of those heartwarming life affirming issues but it fell short off the the mark for me.

I did not need a whole comic to cover how Superman is basically fixing the moon they broke in earlier issues. Super was basically speeding around putting all the chunks together while and ignoring Batman’s attempts to improve the moon while at it.

Superman was totally wrong to ignore Bats, I liked the idea of a Bat moon actually.

The only other thing that happened this issue was all about the league members setting up their individual personal space in this new HQ of theirs and how they each customise it to their own uniques personalities.

This issue does not actually do anything wrong but it feels to me a by the numbers issue and did not connect with me on any level beyond a very surface superficial one.

The art is sublime as usual but Snyder is not doing it for me and I am not just connecting with his JL.

Naija Geek Says: A good looking but meh issue 6/10

Nightwing #50, Writer: Benjamin Percy, Artist: Travis Moore, Christopher Mooneyham

This comic is really strange it and seems to basically to proceed to crap over all the established history of Robin.

The premise is simple: Robin does Bourne Identity!

Dick Grayson got shot in the head and is now recovering but has lost a lot of his memories and what he does seem to remember do not tally with what me thew reader knows is canon. He seems to be merging his history with Tim Drakes history, I am sure that costume in his memory belonged to Tim and also Tim was the first to use any form of staffs. In addition now scarecrow hates Dick him more than batman?

Is this a bad retcon, me having bad a memory or actually a clever writers trick depicting his amnesia this way?

Another thing that bugged me was this “the I don’t need my old friends because I have amnesia and hence I am now a new person” attitude. That makes no sense at all and I think is borderline mental!

Not sure where they are going with this but right now this looks a total mess to me

The art sadly reminded me of Norm Breyfogle who just passed away, not sure if this was done on purpose as the timing does not add up but intentional or not it turned out to bea nice touch to remember one of the most prominent and well recognised Batman artists out there.

Naija Geek Says: A lame 4/10

Source: DC

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