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Marvel Comics Round up for: 26 September 2018

Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #310, Writer: Chip Zdarsky, Artist: Chip Zdarsky

Anyone who does not understand what Spider-Man is all about or why he is even popular, that person only need to read this issue and be educated.

This comic gets the core of Peter almost to a fault and this issue acts as an examination of the hero and what makes him tick and why he for me is arguably the most heroic of all the Superheroes in modern day.

Many people call Spidey a perennial loser and the original bad luck magnet and like to laugh at him, they are missing the reason he is seen as a loser and this issue brings it all to the forefront.

The tale in this issue is basically about a person who is making a documentary on Spider-man and what New York think of him, he interviews the public at large and the results is as heart warming as I expected and gives me a deeper appreciation for the wall crawler.

This is Chips last issue and there will be a new creative team next issue but this is great send off and I will miss Chip on this book.

Naija Geek Says: A very truthful7.5/10

Black Panther #4, Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates, Artist: Daniel acuna

This book is a mess.

I am sorry but I cant give it a pass anymore, what should have been a glorious look at Wakanda in space has simply devolved into another generic rebellion against some evil wicked space tyrant, Star Wars lite but with a cast of Wakandan rejects instead.

This is so generic it is embarrassing, when this book and concept was announced a while back and we got a glimpse of a space empire for Wakanda I was excited and was hoping to see how wakanda expanded into space and became a force for good. But no, Coates is back to his obsessions with “bad systems” of government and fixing them and let me guess the solution will have to do with elections, smh.

Where is the positivity of a Wakanda galactic empire, how they started it, how they grew so big, the challenges they faced from the tree or the Skrulls or the Shiar? No it was straight to the negativity, terrible.

I am sorry but Black Panther and Coates has proven to be a very bad mix. His writing on Captain America is much better and actually suits the character. I wish this book is put out of its misery very soon, Black Panther deserves much better.

Also let me talk about the art, Acuna is very accomplished here but due to the lacklustre designs of many of the characters a lot of the scenes involving multiple individuals here are quite hard to work out who is who and what is going on to be frank.

Naija Geek Says: A very not-Wakanda 4/10

Punisher #2, Writer: Matt Rosenberg, Artist: Symon Kudranski

Yep, this is Punisher at his best.

Punisher always works best when he is focused and driven.

This is why I love how he is so focused on this new mission of his and this time he is aiming higher than just street hoodlums and their bosses.

He has Hydra in his sights and he wants revenge for what evil Steve made him do during the Secret War.

I love seeing these Hydra scum run in fear from him, the fact that Baron Zemo is trying to hire all the scum of the Marvel universe to kill Punisher and many of them turning down the job was quite funny.

Now we have the heroes trying to stop the Punisher from this killing spree. Seeing him take on Luke Cage and Danny Rand was quite interesting and played put the way it should without anyone being jobbed.

Now Daredevil and the Hand have gotten involved in the free for all. Classic Punisher.

Kudos Rosenberg and also great art by Kudranski, the shot of a car crashing into Luke Cage was awesome.

Naija Geek Says: A punishing 8/10!

Jessica Jones #3 , Writer: Kelly Thompson, Artist: Mattia De Iulis & Marcio Takara

This book is all sorts of awesome.

The art is gorgeous and by itself is just a feast for the eyes but then join that with a great story and you have a winner!

I was not a fan of Kelly Thompsons work when she was on Captain Marvel and the Carol corps with Kelly Sue but here I am enjoying her work massively.

Jessica Jones can be a fun character and in this run she very much is so, add Elsa Bloodstone and you have gold!

In this issue they finally deal with the “villain” from the start of this run and on the way they have some good moral debates about the pros and cons of letting all your bad thoughts walk around independently versus absorbing them all back into yourself.

Naija Geek Says: A bad ass 7/10

Source: Marvel

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