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DC Comics Round up for: 26 September 2018

Doomsday Clock #7, Writer: Geoff Johns, Artist: Tony Daniels

I wish this book shipped more often.

This book is one of the best if not the best one out there currently but it comes out at such a snails pace and the gaps are way too long. I can’t wait for the story to complete and reread in one sitting. This is Geoff Johns best work and it is as if he has been inhabited by the spirit of Alan Moore. This issue we finally get to see Manhattan after all this while and we get an idea of what he has been up to since and how he has been manipulating events in this version of the DC universe. This also brings a question to mind, is this happing on Earth 0? It no longer seems to be the case but this story did start in the Batman and Flash books from Earth 0, DC continuity is a big mess right now.

The interactions between this Rosharch, Joker, The Comedian and the other various characters was so well written and spot on.

I can’t wait to see the confrontation between Manhattan and Superman, it is very clear that Manhattan is way beyond the capabilities of Batman and Adrian to deal with and they are basically insects to him, but already we have a nice plot device in the form of Bubatis II that may limit Manhattan enough for Superman to provide a credible threat.

Good job Geoff Johns! Oh I am not ignoring the art, it is great as usual and Tony Daniels is consistently delivering grade A+ art.

Naija Geek Says: A great 8.5/10

Action Comics #1003, Writer: Brian Bendis, Artist: Yanick Paquette

Another Bendis special, he just gets relationships. I like how he is redefining how Superman and Batman interact with the public at large and with a special focus on the criminal element.

It is nice to see the measures criminals take to avoid being noticed by the superheroes especially ones like superman with his super heating.

In this issue the journalist acquires some Kryptonite and inadvertently exposes Clark in great sequence and i liked the call back to other times Clark has “fallen ill” in the office.

I found it reassuring how they show clearly the fact that this Clark has no compunction in reaching out quickly to Batman for help. Their relationship is much less adversarial and more friendlier.

Once again I will say this under Bendis Superman has become a good comic again.

Naija Geek Says: A super 7/10

Heroes in Crisis #1, Writer: Tom King, Artist: Clay Mann

I saw a friend of mine review this book and he did not have many good things too say about it at all.

Hence I opened this with very low expectations but alas it seems my friend must have been on drugs!

This is Tom King back at his best, it is only the first issue but this is already very much more like the level of his work on the Vision.

This is a nine issue long arc and I really am not sure what is going on but the book starts very strong and does not let up.

We start off with Harley Quinn royally messing up a Booster Gold and it seems she might be a major suspect in some gruesome Hero murders.

This is very well written especially the reaction of Superman to the murders and Batman and Wonder Woman trying to talk him down.

We still don’t know what really happened here and I don’t believe some of these deaths will stick.

A few questions:

Was that pigeon eating Blue Jay?!

So who do you think did it: Booster Gold or Harley Quinn?

This book is awesome! Only one issue in but I am totally onboard.

What else can you want? A murder mystery, Harley going off on Booster like a boss, Deaths.

This is King back to his best and not that lame c**p he was doing on the Batman book recently.

I am sold 2000%

Naija Geek Says: A heroic 8.5/10

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