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X-Men: Dark Phoenix Takes Gambit’s Slot

Hot on the heels of the release of the Dark Phoenix trailer comes news that 20th Century Fox will be delaying it’s release till the early summer movie season to give it a better chance at the box office. Deadline reports that Dark Phoenix won’t open on Feb. 14 but will shoot for the June 7 slot previously reserved for Channing Tatum’s on-again off-again Gambit movie.

The Dark Phoenix trailer launched this week and had earned close to 8M YouTube views on Fox’s channel. However, it racked up 44 million views online within it’s first 24 hrs of release in China. The summer movie season will likely provide a better chance for the Dark Phoenix to do well overseas.

In addition, with Gambit moving it’s release date to 2020, available premium screens will provide an even boost for the film.

Source: Deadline

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