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Iron Fist Season 2: Better Than Expected

Please do not be deceived by the title. This would only impress you if you slightly reduce your expectations. Let me explain where that comes from. It goes without saying that this would include spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the season yet, this might ruin it for you (Honestly I am really nice in person!).

The first season was disappointing. And it started doing so literally from the first episode. It looked too generic, too predictable, like we had seen something like this before. Another thing going against it was that it belongs in the same league as Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. I already reviewed the second, redeeming season of Luke Cage in a previous article. Now, all of the above mentioned shows are all in the Marvel portfolio, and one thing I have come to love about them is how cerebral it can be when you watch them. They feel deep or profound, appealing to some inner human feelings, none of which I got from that first season of Iron Fist. I do not even remember how it ended.

Now to the second season. Let me start with what I loved. Maybe I have warmed up to the cast, but I saw some proper character development for all the members. They looked richer, more compelling. Even Turk! I like that guy, for some reason, and I wished we had seen more of him. Danny, the Iron Fist himself looked like he was in this to just connect various storylines. He did not stand out for me, and his ‘losing’ the Fist just encapsulated it all. Joy and Ward Meachum performed very well, and the way Joy changes allegiance is beautiful and natural. Simone Missick as Misty was a breath of fresh air at a point when things were becoming a bit stale; Colleen was okay, more on her in a bit. I loved Mary! She was so good, especially because you never knew what to expect from her, and her unfolding skill sets were entertaining to watch. Plus you are never really sure which of her personalities you would be faced with.

I enjoyed the performance of the main villain, Davos, played by Sacha Dhawan. He was believable in his persuasions, he was the kind of villain you would truly find hard to hate. He came from the shadows to become the main antagonist. His loyalties wavered, but his purpose never did. Small in stature, but huge in impact and motivation, and Sacha delivered a level of intensity that was believable. She probably had the most character development for any of the characters, old or new.

The storyline was okay. Much better than the first season. The inclusion of the triads was similar in impact, but lesser compared to the Jamaicans in Luke Cage. You would want to follow this story, irrespective of your opinions going into this, because it does just enough to hold your attention.

Now unto the things I did NOT like.

I do not like how the series ended. Let me explain. The final fight was a let down. The build up to the expected showdown was very watered down, and I was not even looking forward to it. We all saw it coming, but it was just meh. The flashback during the season when Davos and Danny Rand had that fight for who would challenge the Dragon was much better than what we got in the last episode. I feel it was a waste of an opportunity, especially considering the form of Davos, and the fact that he had the Iron Fist in both hands. It should have had more intensity, irrespective of the renaissance of Danny as the season progressed.

I do not think Colleen should have become the Iron Fist. This felt too much like the season finale plot of House of Cards. It felt unoriginal, and really unnecessary. And just to be clear, this isn’t because a woman cannot be the Iron Fist, but this feels like what we should have gotten at the end of a season 3, and not now. The character of Danny Rand as the Iron Fist needed to be consolidated with this episode, and then a conflict would have been more welcome in a further season. Granted, we see at the very end of the last episode that Danny gets back his fists, without any explanation, but it’s just not good enough, in my opinion.

On a smaller note, I would have appreciated a crossover from one of the other sub-franchises, maybe Jessica Jones or Luke Cage, or even Daredevil. It would have helped to tie it in, especially with The Defenders season, which was awesome. Just something I thought would have been nice.

Another one in the bag, not a bad binge watch at all, nothing to really rush into. Small improvements here and there, and maintaining the overall standard and quality of production and storyline. Looking forward to the new season of Daredevil.

Not A Fanboy.

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