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Another X-Men Movie

I do not know why these movies are still a thing. The excitement is gone, the nostalgia is gone, the innovation is gone, and in its place, quite frankly, is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or Deadpool.

I am not excited in the least about this movie. All that this might end up being is a good Friday night out. That is it. I watched this trailer, and not a single thing about it made me want to watch this movie. We live in a time when a lot of franchises are doing origin stories, and there is nothing wrong with that. Individual stories could be used to resurrect a franchise and all, but this just feels so unnecessary, just a money grab, because they would make at least a slim profit on this.

Now, if this was part of a pre-announced strategy to gradually re-introduce this franchise back into the mainstream, then I will not take this at face value, and I will objectively look forward to the ride. But there is no such indication. It looks like it should have been called, X-Men: The Re-union. I do not even feel like being optimistic about this, because there is a lot of high quality content being put out there right now, both in mainstream Hollywood and elsewhere, so I will most likely just wait till the 1080p torrent version is released, so that I can watch it on my laptop (thanks, guys!).

This is an indictment on the producers/directors/writers because, I was just thinking that apart from Charles Xavier and Magneto, none of the other members of the Academy were properly fleshed out, that would make us look forward to seeing more about the individuals or want to know how they came about. Also there has been too much time between their movies being released that it is easy to forget that the X-Men even exist. Look at the last X-men movie that had an assemblage of our beloved superheroes, which was in Apocalypse. It wasn’t terrible, but the storyline was inconsistent, and the characters were forgettable. If you have not watched that movie in the past 4 months, you do not even remember what that movie was about.

I predict that this movie will end with a death of a major character, followed by a finale mind battle between Jean Gray and Xavier, with a significant conflicted contribution by Magneto. There are rumors that Mystique would be the one to go, which would hurt me personally because she is my favorite character.

As far as indications from trailers go, no interest in this movie, except a beautiful girl is looking for a good-looking lad to spend the evening with. Just in case you are interested, I will leave the trailer down below, so you can form your own opinion. Now a movie I am looking forward to is Bumblebee….

Yours truly,

Not A Fanboy.

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