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Marvel Comics Round up for: 19 September 2018

Avengers #2, Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: David Marquez

I enjoyed this issue a lot!

It is one of those more calmer issues where it is about the heroes hanging out and interacting.

This is what any great series needs to do every now and then, build a base on which you can add layers of charaterisation.

We get to see how Robbie views his new team and we are introduced to the new headquarters of the avengers, I so badly wanted to call it the “Celestial of Solitude”. Hahahahaha.

There also seems to be something brewing between Thor and She-Hulk, interesting.

Anyway not much happens here in terms of action but we get to see the team a bit more relaxed and get a hint of how the team dynamics will turn out to be. We also get a new leader and it is Black Panther! I am very intrigued as to how the will pan out with him in charge and what his style will take. Most worrying for the new leader is it seems the next threat is one that has massive implications for him personally, the climatic splash page had me saying out loud “oh s**t when i saw who the “foe” was. Yes it is Namor!

To say there is bad blood between the two is a massive understatement, expect sparks to fly!

Naija Geek Says: An Imperious 7/10

Venom First Host #4, Writer: Mike Costa, Artist: Mark Bagley

I can’t believe that a Venom book is now one that look forward to reading each week, as you probably can tell I have never been a big fan of the character.

But I can’t deny the fact that Mike Costa has grabbed my attention with this story which continues to look at the origin of the symbiote and its first host.

In this we seem the son of Venom continue to be merged with Eddie Brock but displaying different abilities and with a very different and weird but cool look.

I am enjoying this story of a Skull teaming up with a Human to take down a common enemy, the Kree first host.

Very entertaining read and Bagley keeps up his usual good work on art duties.

A good venom book, who knew!

Naija Geek Says: A venomous score of 7/10

Return of Wolverine #1, Writer: Charles Soule, Artist: Steve McNiven

Yep folks Wolverine is back and is as mean as ever and pretty angry to boot.

The comic does not reveal much about what happened to him and why he is back but we can makeup our own theories based on what we see around the base Wolverine wakes up in and the flashbacks he is suffering.

It seems cloning is involved as we see multiple versions of him. What is not clear is how we even know this is our Logan and not just some poor copy with his memories?

I guess all will be revealed as we go along.

Charles Soule is a superb writer and he shows it in this book as he effortlessly takes us through his escape and his desire for revenge on this mysterious Soteira leader, Persephone who seems behind it all.

McNiven’s pencil are also very good and make this a very good all round book.

Naija Geek Says: A Canuck style 7/10 – three scores of sevens in a row!

Source: Marvel

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