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DC Comics Round up for: 19 September 2018

Batman: Damned #1, Writer: Brian Azzarello, Artist: Lee Bermejo

Yes this is the issue where we get to see the Batd*ck! Some of the print run for this issue this went out with a scene of a naked Bruce Wayne, including a shot of his wang.

DC quickly came to their senses and changed this for most of the print run but you can find images of this online if you are inclined to do so and I bet anyone with the version of this with the Batmeat has a book that will quickly soar in value.

This is the first entry into a new DC imprint called DC Black Label, I am not sure how this label is meant to work but this book has a very unique tone and style that is different from the normal DC universe.

Is it any good? Please it is Azzarello what do you expect? It is a fine book with great art.

The story opens with Batman bleeding out in an ambulance and then we are treated to a story that seems to be shifting between the distant past, the recent past and the present.

What I did not expect is the fact that this seems to be rooted into the mystical aspect of the DC verse. We are treated to Constantine, Deadman and Zatanna all in this issue, Constantine interacting with Batman is always a joy to behold and this does not disappoint.

The Batman in this book is almost a force of nature and is the kind of take i have always preferred for him. He is implacable and almost unstoppable once his mind is set on a course of action. Please get this book and not just for the Batnude but for the good writing and the glorious Bermejo art.

Naija Geek Says: A very gritty 7.5/10

Justice `League #8, Writer: James Tynion IV, Artist: Mikel Janin

I am keeping this one short and sweet.

This issue is better than what has come before, it actually has more “normal” interactions and it makes such a big difference.

Many of my issues still remain since it still has to continue the storyline from previous issues, a story that obviously is still the core of this book but issue 8 I think is the best yet and that is despite the fact that nothing much really happens. There is a lot less bombast than has been the norm in the past issues.

We get a lot of the “The Batman that laughs” this issue, he also is a lot better to swallow in this issue than usual but I still think this is a terrible character with paper thin characterisation.

The changes are obviously down to Tynion being on the book this issue. he seems to understand the characters a lot better and even the dialogue between the villains is a lot more believable.

The art is also very pleasing on the eye and enhances the book a lot.

I am not sure why James is on this issue but please keep Synder away from this book and leave James in charge permanently.

We get to see Black Manta and Cheetah go on a God killing mission and seemingly succeed, yikes!

Naija Geek Says: A much better 7/10

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