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Spoiler Free Revue: The Predator

The Predator returns when a young boy called Rory McKenna (Jacob Tremblay) accidentally triggers its return to Earth. But this time the Predators have genetically upgraded themselves with DNA from other alien species making them stronger, faster and even BIGGER! Only Rory’s father – Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) and the loonies (a group of dubious soldiers) can stop the predators before everybody becomes their prey.

With anxiety, I awaited another installment of childhood favorite film of mine with the apprehension that Hollywood is about to ruin it but I must say this film wasn’t that bad after all! Unlike the first predator films where we didn’t get to sight the hunter until halfway onto the film, this installment didn’t waste time in revealing it to us and its fascinating to see how much CGI has developed since Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kevin Peter Hall (The guy in the predator costume) went toe to toe. It wasn’t long before there was gore with human parts flying around and blood splattered all over the place with The Predator dispatching humans left and right like they’re pesky rodents.

Another thing I like is that the producers managed to keep the character of the old predator films but still managed to re-imagine it. They introduced an enhanced predator and even Predator Dogs that are menacing but surprisingly had more bark than bite.

Conversely , the rationale for the return of the predators is incredulous and laughable leading to the conclusion of the film being a bit absurd. The plot was dodgy because it was so far fetched it bordered on incredulity.

I must point out that Boyd Holbrook did a great job as the protagonist but he seemed to lack the charisma to carry the weight of this franchise. I recall the good old days when Arnold Schwarzenegger challenged the Predator to hand to hand combat and kicked his ass but I guess we no longer have that kind of actors anymore. However, I hear there are whispers that Arnold will return in the sequel of this film and this has me giddy with excitement.

Since 1987, I have been a fan of the Predator which birthed the iconic (and much maligned) phrase “Get to the Chopper” and this installment isn’t like the old one and may not appeal to those who liked the old ones but it’s grit and the humor makes it more enjoyable to younger audiences. Following the footsteps of sequels like Jurassic World and Kong the Predator was made bigger and faster. However, you may want to leave the kids at home for this one because there was a bit of cursing.

PS. I am so glad that the producers managed to correct the notion that a predator is a hunter that kills for sport when in truth, a predator is an animal that hunts to survive. Geeky little me spotted this oversight back in primary school but let’s be honest, Predator is a much cooler name right?

When you do get to see The Predator, let me know what you think in the comments below or on social media (Twitter and Facebook ) so we can talk about it.

Have a great weekend guys!

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