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Marvel Comics Round up for: 12 September 2018

Fantastic Four #2, Writer: Dan Slott, Artist: Sara Pichelli

Finally we get the reunion that has been promised to us for awhile and it turns out to be a bigger reunion than I expected!

This book continues the good work from the last issue and I am still in loving Slotts work here.

In this issue we get to see what the missing members of the FF have been doing and while it is no surprise for anyone who read the end of Secret Wars seeing the details here is quite awe inspiring and makes you realise how powerful Franklin and Owen Reece really are.

Seeing the rest of the Future Foundation was heart warming, especially since they were doing what is the core of the FF; Science exploration and discovery done as a family.

There are a couple of nitpicks in regards their reaction to a certain event and also the nature of the enemy in this issue but for now they are minor and do not take much away.

The splash page at the end was nice especially when I realised that they were all past and present members of the Fantastic Four.

Naija Geek Says: A still fantastic 8/10

X-23 #4, Writer: Mariko Tamaki, Artist: Juan Cabal

Mariko continues her great work on this book having said that her storytelling is slightly decompressed and hence it is a quick read and I believe would be best read as a collected series but this also allows the art to shine and shine it does. The art is absolutely gorgeous Juan Cabal is killing it and I will watching out for his work from now on. It makes you want to linger on each page and hence makes up for the decompressed story, what a great team they make.

The battle of the clones continues this issue with the twists and turns you can expect from group of mind readers fighting healers, this is a really under rated book and I wish it gets more exposure.

I actually now find X-23 more interesting than Logan!

Naija Geek Says: A cloned score of 7.5/10, extra 0.5 points for the art alone.

Infinity Wars #3, Writer: Gerry Duggan, Artist: Mike Deodato Jr

Hmmmmm, this issue has lots of talking heads and it is the issue that makes me think it has jumped the shark a bit.

The narrative has started to falter and Gamora’s actions in this issue do not really make much sense to me and really just seemed an excuse for the writer to revisit one of the horrible tropes of the 90’s; combining heroes together into amalgamated versions, urgggh.

The heroes have almost nothing to do this issue and it is mainly dialogue between Loki, Gamora and an imaginary Thanos. Loki is fun as usual and the art is great as expected from DeodatoJr but for the first time I am a bit worried as where they are going with this.

Can anyone remind what was Gamora’s objective to start? was it not simply to rescue the piece of her soul in the soul gem? She has done that already so what is her issue now?

Naija Geek Says: A wobbling 6/10

Champions #24, Writer: Jim Zub, Artist: Sean Izaakse

Well I did not expect this!

This issue is inn my view a balanced look at the recent spate of school shootings in America from the viewpoint of young heroes who are themselves of school age.

Reading this I was afraid that this will be a very preachy comic and have the heroes offer nice and easy solutions but kudos to Jim it did not goo that route,

In this issue a shooting happens at Miles’ school and Fabio aka Goldenballs is one of the victims and we get to see how Miles copes with grief and guilt.

His teammates all have different reactions and cope with it very differently but it is made clear that none of them have any idea how to deal with this very real and sensitive issue.

In the end it was well handled but I hope this incident is not brushed under the carpet and it referenced in future issues of Champions and Miles book itself.

Naija Geek Says: A not so preachy 6.5/10

Source: Marvel

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