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Independent Comics Round up for: 12 September 2018

Aje#3, Writer: Wale Awelenje, Artist: Ozo Ezeogu

This is a book from a comic publisher based in Nigeria called Comic Republic.

I have read the first two issues of the book and I actually enjoyed them especially the story telling but the art I had a big issue with in those first two books and was a sore point for me.

In this issue there is a new main artist and I think this is a step in the right direction but it still needs more work and I will explain what I mean. The very first opening image is gorgeous and has that feel of a great independent artist with a unique style, a style that would suit a master storyteller like Gaiman to a tee.

BUT and this is the rub: the art is not consistently at that level and at times it varies wildly. I am actually convinced that page 9 for instance was done by an entirely different art team!

I believe Ozo needs to learn to deliver at his best more consistently, he is about 65% there but needs to continue the good work and improve. His opening image of Teni should be the benchmark he sets and should always aim to achieve for all his panels.

The story for those who have not read the book is about a modern day nigerian teenager who may or may not be the reincarnation of a powerful witch-queen. I love the way the story is told and the voices of the characters ring true to my Nigerian ear, mostly.

I will be waiting eagerly for the next issue.

Naija Geek Says: A very bewitching 7.5/10

Beatz#1-3, Writer: Akintoba Kalejaye, Artist: Adeleye Yussuf

This is another title from Comic Republic out of Nigeria, the first three issues tease the origin of our main character called Beatz.

This is an individual who from birth had the condition known as Synesthesia in which your senses can be interwined, in the case of Beatz he can see sounds. Now while this is still in the realms of reality we very quickly are informed that he can also generate sonic blasts which moves us bang into the realm of superheroes.

Now the tale is structured non-sequentially over these three issues I read and hence we are not yet privy as to how he came by his armour/suit and how his childhood friend Tayo is involved in developing it.

Early on Beatz main motivation is made clear, he simply hates bullies and has done so since his childhood where he was the target of bullies for being different.

The storytelling here is competent enough and the art also does the job, but nothing has really gripped me yet. I must say that the villain introduced in the third issue has sparked my interest a bit and even put some of the scenes in the second issue in a totally different light. Right now I would not recommend this book but it is not terrible and has potential to be better

Naija Geek Says: An okish 5.5/10

Birthright#31, Writer: Joshua Williamson, Artist: AndreiBressan

Birthright is one book I cannot wait to see as a TV series.

Joshua’s writing on this has been engaging, tight, focused and professional from day one.

The whole premise of a young boy who disappeared from his parents house for years and has now come back as an adult, one that is now older and bigger than his big brother is just the stuff great TV is made of.

This book took a hiatus for a while and has come back now with this tale, one that gives us a look at the past/origins of some of the other big characters in this book.

Reading this makes me realise I want/need to go back and binge the whole series again to refresh my memory of what has happened so far.

Even without doing that the book is still a very good read and has me excited again to get more regular issues going forward.

If you are not reading this book then what are you waiting for? Get on it!

Naija Geek Says: A well deserved 8/10

Source: Image, Valiant, Comic Republic

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