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DC Comics Round up for: 12 September 2018

Detective Comics #988, Writer: James Robinson, Artist: Stephen Stegovia

The best aspect of Batman for me has always been his detective work and seeing him practise the art of deduction always brings a smile to my face. This issue gives the Sherlock side of Batman, the game is afoot!

It starts with a simple murder mystery and it plants Batman firmly back in familiar territory after all the romantic shenanigans of the last few months with Catwoman.

It soon escalates to the normal craziness levels we expect in Gotham, I am enjoying Robinsons run on this book and hope he keeps this up.

I would be very remiss to forget to praise the art, Stegovia’s depiction of Batman is one of my favourite, he looks imposing and formidable as he should.

Naija Geek Says: An enjoyable 7/10

Superman #3, Writer: Brian Bendis, Artist: Ivan Reis

At the end of the last issue of Superman Earth was trapped in the phantom zone,this book continues on from that premise and we see the consequences of this on Earth and how badly they are coping with it.

It is nice to see that even though it is a Superman book they don’t act like the rest of the heroes are suddenly absent for such a big catastrophe.

It is a team effort for most of the book with other heroes trying to use not their fists but brains to resolve the problems.

In the meantime Rogol Zaar is planning to take full advantage of this situation as you would expect him to.

I am enjoying Bendis’ Superman as I stated in previous reviews and this is no different, Oh and seeing the way Bendis had Superman deal with opportunistic looters was funny.

Go to the naughty corner!

Naija Geek Says: A super 7/10

Wonder Woman #54, Writer: Steve Orlando Artist: Raul Allen & Patricia Martin

Seems that this week I am reviewing the full Trinity of DC! Well in that case then Wonder Woman is the weakest of the three this week.

Here we have the old tired trope of a former queen / hero who returns to her people only to find that they have lost their way and it needs the “wisdom” of outsiders who have been away for years to correct them.

It is a very condescending viewpoint and while I know that Diana and Atalanta are going to end up being correct it still comes across as the all knowing more wiser foreigner telling a nation how to solve their problems after being there for like 5 minutes tops, not very nuanced at all!

Worse still they make Artemis look like a tool for just going along with the ruler of her land without any real questioning and as you expect finds herself in the end at odds with Diana. This is a shame because Artemis in the book Red Hood and the Outlaws is shown to not only be a badass but also has some depth to her which is lacking here.

This is story telling by numbers, it is not absolute toilet but nothing better than meh at best.

They must do better.

Naija Geek Says: A non-wondrous 5/10

House of Whispers #1, Writer: Nalo Hopkinson, Artist: Dominke “Domo” Stanton

Here we have the second title in the new Sandman adjacent books.

This title seems to centre around a couple of minor deities, one who seems to be granting wishes to dreamers and one that is trying to escape into the real world.

We are introduced to many other new characters as well and I can only guess their importance will become more clear as we progress through the story.

For now there is not much to go on and nothing really happens beyond scene setting until the last two pages.

The art took a bit of getting used to and is not really to my taste but not enough to put me off reading more.

At the moment for me I am not sold yet but I am willing to give it a chance.

Useless Info tidbit: Being a Nigerian I recognised that one of dieties Shakpana is from Yoruba mythology and is basically the god of disease and plague

Naija Geek Says: I am giving this a cautious 5/10

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