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Marvel Comics Round up for: 05 September 2018

Death of Inhumans #3, Writer: Donny Cates, Artist: Ariel Olivetti

This event is turning out very nicely indeed, this is the third issue in this saga and so far the writing and art have impressed.
This issue has convinced me that the writer gets what it means to be a King who is in a war to save his people.
There is no hand wringing here, no moralising on the right action to take, No all you have here is people who are charged with saving a whole race doing their duty no matter what it costs them physically or morally.
I am actually feeling a bit sorry for the Kree militants that have decided on trying to wipe out the Inhumans.

In this issue Black Bolt is brought down to Earth and yet still manages to remind everyone why he is considered one of the most dangerous beings alive.

The cliffhanger splash page introduces another player and it means things will be escalated even more! Nice.

Bring the Thunder!

Naija Geek Says: A very loud 8/10

Asgardians of the Galaxy #1, Writer: Cullen Bunn, Artist: Matteo Lolli

This title has actually been a meme for awhile and used a lot to describe the MCU’s last Thor film. Well there is now a comic with that as a title, jokes on you meme’rs

As the advert goes this comic: “does exactly what it says on the tin”

This is a tale of disparate Asgardians who have banded together to stop someones malevolent plan which is revealed to us in bits throughout the issue.

It is a good first issue but unless you are well versed in Marvel history especially Thor’s you may struggle to understand who half of the players in this story are.

This tale is also tied into the ongoing Infinity War event and hence only people who are following that event will get the full benefit.

I don’t remember seeing this artists work before but he delivers pretty good visuals and with time I can see his work evolving into something much greater.

Cullen Bunn on the other hand is almost now a veteran and for me is without doubt one of the most consistent writers working in the comics industry currently and I mean consistent in delivering good work.

Naija Geek Says: An Asgardian ass kicking of 7/10

Avengers #7, Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Sara Pichelli

Aaron takes on a joinery into the distant past to ice us the back story behind the Ghost Rider we saw as one of the Avengers from the primitive age. Reading this tale and the previous issues where this “old avengers ” team have appeared previoulsy bothered me because it seems to me to contradict many things I have understood about the timeline of the Marvel universe.

For example why does Mjolnir even exist in this time period?

Having said that I trust Aaron based on his past work and I am willing to give him some leeway.

This is another good story from Aaron and he keeps me engaged as usual.

Naija Geek Says: Easily another 7/10

Astonising X-Men #15, Writer: Matthew Rosenberg, Artist: Greg Land & Neil Edwards

A lot of people tend to hate on Greg Land’s art but I have never really minded his art and on this comic I actually think it is very good, does that have something to do with him working together with Neil Edwards? I don’t know but for me the art collaboration works very well, I especially love their depiction of Dazzler.

The story is not bad and has great promise but I am not sure if that promise will be realised. This could be a team book that raises above the current mediocrity of the main X books if Rosenberg will deliver but for now it is still very promising.

The issue continues to weave s story about Havoc seeking redemption from the acts he committed while he was inverted and this team is coming under attacks from both the government and the Reavers, some weird alliances it seems may be afoot.

Naija Geek Says: An Interesting 6/10

Source: Marvel

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