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DC Comics Round up for: 29 August 2018

Red hood and the Outlaws Annual #2, Writer: Scott Lobdell, Artist: Clayton Henry

The main ongoing book has been really really good recently and this annual is not actually a bad entry itself. I guess it helps a lot that it kept the the same writer from the main series.

Lobdell seems to be having a renaissance in his work, long may it continue.

This is a pure bromance issue and reunites Red Hood with his bestie Arsenal, a fun tale with some moments of reflection centred around their individual inner demons.

Red Hood is my least favourite member of this team despite it having his name in the title but i still enjoyed this tale.

There is a back up story that touches a on the whereabouts of Artemis and Bizarro which is also turns out to be a nice little tale with decent art.

Naija Geek Says: For an annual not half bad 6/10

The Silencer Annual #1, Writer: Dan Abnett, Artist: Jack Herbert

This new character Silencer is one of the few that came out of the whole Dark Metal debacle that I think may actually have potential to be a good character with some staying power.

The dynamic of an assassin on the run but with close family ties is one ripe for conflict. This annual actually goes back to the beginning of those family ties and examines the origins of them and how Talia may have inadvertently sowed the seeds of her future conflict with Silencer. I enjoy tales of new characters meeting Batman for the first time and Dan knocks this one out of the park.

Batman is such a big presence normally that it could easily have been all about the Bat but Dan is a master of keeping the right focus when needed.

Batman’s presence in this book ends up enhancing the tale being told without losing any of the focus on Silencer herself.

Naija Geek Says: A Silence is golden 7/10, yeah I know a bad pun!

Batgirl Annual #1, Writer: Mairghread Scott, Artist: Elena Casagrande

The main Batgirl title i must say i find to be a drag and quite boring and is always one of the last books i read.

I am glad to say that this annual is not boring and was actually well written. It also surprisingly takes a deep look at Batgirl and her brother James Gordon.

I may have missed this before and so it might not be the first time this has been shown but for me it seemed for once they seem to indicate that Barbara is not all sunshine and goodness as i previously believed.

This read like what I expect an episode of Dexter to be like, James Gordon is a nasty piece of work.

Good work from both the writer and artist. A nice annual,

Naija Geek Says: A pretty decent 7/10

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